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Chapter 506: Refining Elixirs

That doctor eventually calms down, but there’s fear and alarm across his whole face, his entire body is trembling.

Liu Se: “Dr. Chen, if you don’t believe it, you could try doing alchemy right here, right now.”

As soon as her words fall, someone immediately comes up, carrying a very large furnace tripod.

A variety of herbs are laid out next to the tripod, and a specially designated medicine boy helps to light up the fire on the furnace.

Dr. Chen is half believing, half doubting. But he nevertheless walks forward to start concocting Pills.

As the drug ingredients slowly dissolve within the Dan Furnace, that doctor hesitates for a moment, urging his Internal Force to to make the Pills inside condense and take shape.

Right then, Muyan’s pupils slightly contract.

Ever since the reconstruction of her Spiritual Root, she obtained Spiritual Power.

Thus, she could see a lot of things that were originally invisible to the naked eye.

Right now for instance, after Dr. Chen uses his Internal Force, the Chi Gu within his body stirs restlessly.

The extremely small, invisible bug is nibbling at Dr. Chen’s heart little by little, consuming his flesh.

Accordingly, it gives back. What is originally the Internal Force that Dr. Chen releases from his palms, turns into an energy that is similar to Spiritual Power.

As this ‘pseudo Spiritual Power’ is incessantly poured into the Dan Furnace, sure enough, the Elixir within starts to slowly condense.

Nobody knows that during this process, that minuscule black bug that has attached itself to Dr. Chen’s heart has made a large den.

This is offering the human body as a sacrifice to feed the Gu bug.

Although it would make someone have the ability to condense Pills for a short period of time, there will come a day when the person will receive a backlash from the Gu bug, the heart will be completely eaten through, meat sucked up, then die.

Muyan’s brows furrow tightly, her gaze deep and heavy as she looks at Liu Se.

Such a method is really too insidious.

Just then, green smoke rises up in spirals from within that furnace, a medicinal fragrance wafts through the air.

Dr. Chen impatiently goes forward to open the furnace. Seeing that there’s a Pill inside, he stares blankly at first.

Then he says in rapt disbelief: “I did it, I succeeded! I actually refined an Elixir!”

This time, in this drawing room, it’s really a stone that has set off a thousand waves!

All the doctors come up to see that Elixir.

After determining that what had been refined really is the first grade [Nurturing Pill], they immediately become as dumb as wooden chickens.

“This… this Gu bug could really make a person possess the skill of alchemy!”

For a moment, everyone’s burning gazes simultaneously turn towards the small goblet.

That Chi Gu which had frightened and disgusted them just a moment ago, is now brimming with an alluring magic.

“As long as I take this Gu bug, I could become an alchemist!”

There’s already some people who couldn’t help but stretch their hands towards that small cup.

Dr. Wang, who is standing beside Muyan, also has a fervent look on his face. He couldn’t wait to be like that Dr. Chen and swallow that Gu bug, and also be able to do alchemy right away.

Just as he stretches out his hand however, it is caught by a fine, slender, white-as-jade hand.

The girl’s soft and sweet-sounding voice is neither light nor heavy as it slowly speaks up, yet it’s like a morning bell that rings inside everyone’s mind.

“The so-called Gu bug must be fed with flesh, blood, and poison for it to survive.”

“I would like to ask Ghost King Liu, what is this Chi Gu feeding on?”

Without notice, Muyan has already gotten up from her seat, looking at Liu Se’s direction, “Just now, Ghost King Liu said that as long as we win, we would forever have the ability to do alchemy. Then I wonder, what will happen to the people who fail? Afterwards, can they still take out the the Chi Gu that they took?”

As soon as these words are spoken out, it as if a basin of cold water is poured down their heads.

Especially Dr. Wang who had been stopped by Muyan, his complexion has become deathly pale.

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