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Chapter 505: At the top of the world’s countless poisons–Gu

“Haha!” Shi Lanling sneers and stands at the head table, towering above as she looks down on them, “Dr. Song, Dr. Du, you probably didn’t hear it clearly. The Ghost King said that you’ll measure your hand against mine, that would be you competing against me in alchemy.”

As she’s talking, her bitter and egotistical gaze sweeps over to Muyan, “Everyone, we forgot to mention – the Ghost Lord’s illness couldn’t be cured by ordinary draughts and medical techniques. Only Elixirs are able to alleviate and genuinely cure it. If you want to go in and diagnose the Ghost Lord, you must first beat me in the field of alchemy!”

“Alchemy?!!” Dr. Song incredulously says, “What game are you playing? If we can perform alchemy, why would possibly come running from far away, to the Ghost Wind Valley?!”

Among these people that have arrived at the Ghost Wind Valley, which of them didn’t come rushing for the Secret Method of Pill Condensation?

If they can do alchemy, why would they possibly brave this kind of danger?

What’s more, what about competing in alchemy against Shi Lanling, who already made a name for herself a decade prior?

“Liu Se, Shi Lanling! Are you two making fools of us all?!”

Liu Se curls up the corners of her mouth, the flesh on her ugly, hole-filled face bunches up together, appearing all the more frightening.

They only hear her snicker darkly and say: “Respected doctors, rest assured. Since you’ll be made to compete against Shi-xianzi, we’d naturally let you have the ability to do alchemy.”

“Let us have the ability to do alchemy? Are you… are you going to release the Secret Method of Pill Condensation now?”

Thinking off this possibility, the doctors beneath have each and every one of their hearts burn hot.

Instead of responding to them, Liu Se claps her hands.

In a moment, a group of black-clothed Ghost Envoys comes up while holding trays.

A small, black goblet is placed on each tray.

There’s also one in front of Muyan.

She looks inside and discovers that within the cup, there’s a small black bug that’s only the size of an infant’s fingernail.

An unpleasant fishy stink is coming out from that small black bug.

Just a tiny sniff, and Muyan immediately feels her stomach churn violently inside.

She promptly holds her breath.

But as she stares at that black bug, her gaze becomes incredibly deep.

That’s because she already recognizes what it is.

It’s at the top of the world’s countless poisons– Gu!

“Smells so bad! Blergh… this… just what is this thing? Why is it so disgusting?”

Someone also carries up a small goblet before Liu Se.

She doesn’t have any problem with picking up that black bug from inside the goblet, and letting it crawl on her dry, cracked skin.

Her face reveals a fascinated expression, “This is Chi* Gu. Once you take it, you will automatically possess the ability to Condense Pills. In this way, you would naturally be able to compete against Shi-xianzi.”

a dragon that has yet to grow its horns

At that time, someone is still holding that small goblet to examine it.

Hearing what Liu Se said, he immediately looks alarmed, and his hand trembles.

The goblet falls down to the floor, crashing and breaking.

The black bug, which was originally calm and quiet inside the cup, as soon as it falls to the ground, it immediately shoots towards that man’s body and burrows in.

After climbing up the man’s skin, that seemingly fragile and vulnerable little bug unexpectedly drills fast into his flesh.

All the way through the epidermis, it flees to the location of his heart at lightning speed.

“Aaargh… get lost! Go away! Don’t go inside my body, aaah… help me!”

Liu Se places the Chi Gu in her hand back into the small goblet, chuckling: “What are you scared of! You can take the Chi Gu orally, but it can also enter the human body through the skin. Don’t worry, you’re not in mortal danger at the moment, but on the contrary, you have this enormous gift that is the Secret Skill of Alchemy. How come you’re wailing and howling?”

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