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Chapter 504:

Seeing her features, a lot of people show expressions of alarm and disgust.

Even Muyan stares blankly, she herself didn’t expect that Liu Se is in fact a woman, and her true face would actually be such.

Liu Se leisurely and contentedly enjoys their horrified reactions.

She then walks towards Dr. Song and Dr. Du until she’s in front of them, “Want to leave so soon? What’s the hurry? Don’t you guys want to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness? Don’t you want the secret method of Pill Condensation?”

Dr. Song speaks through gritted teeth, “You mustn’t go too far, Liu Se! In reality, you people don’t even have the secret method, do you? You just used this ruse to scam us into coming over. What exactly do you want to do?”

“My Ghost City naturally possesses the secret method of Pill Condensation!”

That said, Liu Se looks at Shi Lanling, “Shi-xianzi is the finest proof of it.”

Everyone’s gaze all together turn towards Shi Lanling.

That’s right! Shi Lanling can perform alchemy, everyone knows this.

However, is Shi Lanling really willing to hand over the secret method?

Shi Lanling stands up, a flamboyant smile appearing on her heavily-painted face, “Of course, as long as the assembly cures the Ghost Lord, Lanling is willing to hand over the Secret Skill of Pill Condensation. I believe that everyone who came here surely wants this Secret Method very much!”

Saying that, her eyes sweep over to Muyan.

Seeing that Muyan appears to remain as unmoved as before, she snorts: Slut, keep pretending! You’re probably going crazy about wanting to learn alchemy! Why else would you rush over to the Ghost Wind Valley! But you will never have the chance!

“Since the Ghost City is really willing to award the Secret Method of Pill Condensation for the task, what are we still tarrying for, bring us to the Ghost Lord at once, so we could treat him!”

At this time, it’s as if Dr. Song and Dr. Du themselves have forgotten the unpleasantness from earlier, as their eyes are burning hot.

That’s the Secret Method of Pill Condensation!

The Yanwu Continent is huge, there are countless martial practitioners, doctors and apothecaries.

However, there’s just a very small number of alchemists.

Anyone who could grasp the art of alchemy could stand at the peak in the company of doctors, become an entity above the rest.

Even pry into a shortcut in passing the Tribulations and Ascension.

This is also the reason why Dr. Song and the others, fully aware of the dangers in the Ghost Wind Valley, would still come running to treat the Ghost Lord.

Liu Se snorts, unhurriedly saying: “No hurry. Before I let you people treat the Ghost Lord, I still want to see whether you truly have the ability to do so.”

“After all, the Ghost Lord currently occupies the highest of the high seats in our Ghost City, any random doctor can’t just be entitled to treat him.”

Dr. Song quickly says: “If you won’t let use treat the Ghost Lord, how will you determine whether or not we have the qualifications?”

“It’s very simple!” Liu Se looks around until her gaze settles on Muyan.

Muyan only feels a strong killing intent passing through her body.

She hears Liu Se continue to speak: “As long as you could beat Shi-xianzi, Shi Lanling, in the field of medicine, you would be qualified to go and treat the Ghost Lord. This way, I would naturally let you go in, examine and heal the Ghost Lord’s illness.”

“Win against Shi-xianzi.”

Hearing this condition, many doctors furrow their brows.

But there are a few among them, such as Dr. Song and Dr. Du, who are showing unyielding expressions.

Even though Shi Lanling has a very big reputation, they believe themselves to be much better than this little girl when it comes to the field of medicine.

“Well, if we’re having a competition, let’s have a competition! I wonder how we’re going to compete against against Shi-xianzi? Would it be an oral cross-examination, question and answer, or on the spot treatment of a patient?”

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