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Chapter 503: Scam

At the Head Table, Liu Se’s face is hidden under a mask, no expression could be seen.

There’s only a pair of eyes, devoid of any warmth, that coldly runs through everyone below.

Sitting next to her, Shi Lanling is tenaciously glaring at Muyan.

In her pair of evil-looking eyes, heavily-lined with makeup, strong rancor and excitement flares out.

By herself, Muyan is just about the only relaxed and unaffected face among everyone present.

While everyone is making a ruckus, she pointedly looks for a place to sit down, pours a cup of tea for herself, and slowly takes a sip.

Looking at Muyan’s carefree appearance, Shi Lanling remembers her own disgrace three days ago.

The evil fire in her heart burns wildly, almost making her lose her self-control, pounce over, and tear Muyan’s face apart.

But as she thinks of what’s about to happen, Shi Lanling calms down again, and reveals a malevolent smile.


“Alright, for now, don’t talk rubbish first!” Dr. Song puts up a hand moves it down, gesturing for everyone to calm down.

He then directs a stern look towards Liu Se, “Where is the Ghost Lord? Are we not here to treat him?”

“Right, if we cure the Ghost Lord, you guys must hand over the secret method of Pill Condensation, in accordance with the promise. If you are to defraud us, don’t blame this old man for being impolite!” Dr. Du coldly says, “When it comes to that, we will unite all our territories and renounce the Ghost City, and make you people completely disappear from the Yanwu Continent!”

“Hahaha… renounce the Ghost City! Just by yourselves, you trash?”

Liu Se finally couldn’t stop herself from bursting out in laughter.

Surrounding the doctors, all of the Ghost Envoys reveal ridicule and disdain on their faces.

Dr. Du and Dr. Song have their complexions turn green and white, “Good, good. You people actually dare to play us this way, then let’s all just wait and see! Everyone, since the Ghost City doesn’t have any sincerity, what are we still doing here! Let’s leave!”

Dr. Du waves a hand, and the other doctors immediately echo their agreement. With everyone’s hackles raised, they move to leave.

But just as they reach the doorway, two Ghost Envoys bar their path forward.

“Get lost! Don’t block this old man’s way!”

Dr. Song launches a palm strike, powerful Internal Force containing a strong killing intent that fills the atmosphere.

Dr. Song, who outwardly appears to be nothing more than a mere scholar, unexpectedly possesses a high Heaven Stage cultivation.

That’s the reason why there isn’t the smallest hint of fear on his face.

He doesn’t think that just a pair of Ghost Envoys would be able to block his way out.

But the two Ghost Envoys blocking the doorway, in the face of such an attack-

There’s not the slightest hint of cowering or fear on their faces, revealing cynical smiling expressions instead.

All of a sudden, a huge palm-leaf fan appears in the hands of one of the Ghost Envoys.

He ruthlessly fans towards Dr. Song.

An ominous, bone-chilling cold wind assaults him.

Dr. Song only feels that his Internal Force, which was released with his palm strike, is thoroughly swallowed up by this Yin wind within a split second.

It’s soon followed by several, loud crashing sounds.

Each and every one of the doctors who are rushing to the doorway is kicked by a Ghost Envoy, and sent flying through the air.

They heavily fall back to the hall.

For a moment, groans of pain echo in turns throughout the Hall.

Dr. Song gets up from the floor and straightens himself, wisps of blood spilling out from the corners of his mouth.

He ferociously glares at Liu Se: “Poison Smog!! You actually dare to use Poison Smog on us!”

“You barbaric, crazed beast, what exactly do you want? You dare to raise your hand against so many doctors in the Ghost Wind Valley, aren’t you worried about getting killed by all the martial Practitioners?”

Liu Se unhurriedly rises up from her seat, and tugs with a hand.

The mask and robe on her body all disappear without a trace, exposing a frighteningly ugly face – like a cracked, old tree bark.

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