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Chapter 502: True Colors

A bit of suspicion appears on the Ghost Envoy’s face, then it’s immediately followed by a snort. He waves a hand, gesturing to bring the two people along.

The moment they go outside the room, Muyan hears various indignant and panic-stricken voices throughout the Inner chambers.

“Impudent, I’m a doctor that has been invited by your Ghost Lord, and I’ve come to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness – you people actually to dare to be so rude and impudent!”

“Don’t you people know who I am? How dare you raise a hand against me!”

“Ah! Let go, unhand me, where are you taking me!”


With the chaotic scene, and angry derisions and screams, the feelings of fear and alarm s spreads within the entire Ghost Wind Valley.

However, the doctors’ resistance is completely futile.

The Ghost Envoys’ actions are very boorish and brutal, there’s completely none of the past few days’ diligence and eager attentiveness in their treatment of these doctors.

This makes a phrase flash through Muyan’s mind–

The map unrolls and the knife is revealed!*

For those three days, Liu Se and Shi Lanling were probably preparing something, so they’ve been biding their time.

Now that their preparations are complete, there’s no need to keep up the pretense any longer, and they reveal their true colors.

Soon, all the doctors are escorted by the Ghost Envoys to arrive in a spacious hall.

There’s no sick Ghost Lord there.

There’s only the fully wrapped and covered Ghost King Liu Se, as well as the gaudily-dressed and heavily painted in makeup Shi Lanling, sitting at the Head Table.

The hall is surrounded by Ghost Envoys in similar uniforms.

Compared with the Ghost Envoys in the Ghost City, their cultivation is higher by a whole major stratum.

Near them, you’d be able to smell the heavy scent of blood oozing out of their bodies.

A testament to the excessive amount of human lives that have moistened their hands.

The dozen or so doctors, who are prestigious and reputable people outside, are herded into the hall like lambs for slaughter.

All of their faces are filled with unease, but they keep quiet out of fear, not daring to speak.

At this moment, a lot of them are starting to regret it.

For the secret skill of Pill Condensation, they shouldn’t have run to the Ghost Wind Valley to take risks.

“Ghost King, what is the meaning of this?!” suddenly, a resonant voice rises, breaking the consuming silence, “We are doctors that you’ve personally invited to come and treat the Ghost Lord, not prisoners. Is this how the Ghost City shows its hospitality?”

Everyone simultaneously turns to the source of the voice.

Seeing the identity of the person who’s speaking fervently, a lot of people show expressions like they’re relieved from a burden.

“So Dr. Song is here, that’s great!”

“Yes, yes! Dr. Song is highly respected, there’s no one in the entire Yanwu Continent who is without some degree of consideration for him. He’s a person that even the Royal Family of Jing Cheng gives esteem and gratification.”

The person who spoke up is Dr. Song of Jing Cheng’s Longevity Hall, illustrious and celebrated in the Yanwu Continent, one can say that he is an existence that is second only to the Godly Doctor Qian Qing.

In a moment, another grizzly-haired, droopy-eyed elderly man opens his mouth: “Simply making trouble, what about the Ghost Lord? Where is he? This time, the Ghost Lord must give us a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, we would absolutely not be willing to take things lying down. This old man will report to the Emperor, and let His Majesty personally exact justice for me!”

Looking at the old man who spoke up, someone cries out in surprise: “Ah! That is Huang Yao’s Dr. Du!”

“Hah, Ghost City is in trouble this time, Dr. Du is the Imperial Physician of the Emperor of Huang Yao, he refines many of the draughts in Huang Yao’s Ghost City! More than that, Dr. Du has a violent temper. By pissing him off, the Ghost City will face consequences this time!”

Soon after, the respected doctors rise up one after another, criticizing Liu Se and Shi Lanling.

In the wake of these doctors rising up, the originally anxious and worried group immediately has their minds stabilize, becoming arrogant.

*based from a story at the end of the Warring States period. From what I understand, someone presents a map to the king, with the excuse of ceding the area to the king, but actually smuggling in a knife in the innermost part of the roll. The character for ‘Map’ could also mean ‘scheme’ or ‘plot’. So it’s ‘the plot unravels’.

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