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Chapter 483: Who murdered my Xuan Ji
    Liu Se, this fool, is also the only one who’s still under the impression that Xuan Ji has deeply-rooted feelings towards her, faithful in thoughts and effort.
    Hasn’t she considered, that with her appearance being neither human nor ghost, who would want to look upon her?
    But on the surface, Gong Qianxue doesn’t show a trace of these thoughts. On the contrary, there’s well-wishes and appreciation across her whole face.
    “Big brother Xuan Ji really has remarkable skill. After several years of joining Jing Cheng’s Ghost City, he’s already become its Ghost King, and he even took complete control of the Ghost City. He’s indeed worthy of being the man that Liu Se-sister has fallen for.”
    The expression on Liu Se’s face becomes sweeter and more complacent, the smiling expression is making the craters and creases on her face scrunch up together.
    It looks exceptionally terrible.
    Gong Qianxue couldn’t bear it anymore, and she casts her gaze elsewhere, looking at the hundreds of Corpse Soldiers not far from them. Again, she can’t help but have her blood heat up and boil over.
    Liu Se is ugly and disgusting, but as long as she can make these Corpse Soldiers-
    Gong Qianxue must tolerate her well.
    That’s because these Soldiers are controlled by the Mother Gu that Liu Se raises in her body.
    If Liu Se dies, all of these Corpse Soldiers will go up in smoke.
    Gong Qianxue has poured countless resources on these Soldiers.
    If the ship is spoiled for a half a penny’s worth of tar*, she absolutely wouldn’t be able to bear it.
  •     failing through lack of a final effort
    Just as she’s about to smile and give Liu Se a few more words of praise,
    She suddenly sees puffs of black smoke come out from Liu Se’s body.
    Immediately after, a blood-red insect burrows out from a spot on Liu Se’s neck.
    After it falls to the ground, it writhes a few times like it’s in extreme pain, then it finally dies.
    Seeing this scene, Liu Se’s eyes immediately go wide, and she lets out a shocked and horrified shriek, “No, it can’t be! This is absolutely impossible!”
    That voice is so sharp, it’s practically piercing through the skies.
    Gong Qianxue jumps in fright, quickly asking, “Liu Se-sister, what’s going on? What happened?”
    “Xuan Ji, Xuan Ji is dead! How is this possible?! Who? Who murdered my Xuan Ji!!”
    Gong Qianxue starts, and it’s quite a while before she finds her voice, “Xuan Ji is dead?! How did he die?!”
    How could Xuan Ji possibly die!
    She’s had just been watching as Jing Cheng’s Ghost City is about to completely fall into her hands.
    How could Xuan Ji suddenly die?!
    What had been at the tips of her fingers has suddenly gone up in smoke. Such a blow almost makes Gong Qianxue unable to maintain her noble and kind-hearted exterior image.
    Xuan Ji, that waste!
    If he wanted to die, why couldn’t he have handed Jing Cheng over to her before dying?!
    But since she doesn’t want to antagonize Liu Se, she didn’t even place a spy by Xuan Ji’s side.
    Now that Xuan Ji is dead, in spite of everything, she has instantly lost control of Jing Cheng’s Ghost City.
    Gong Qianxue’s chest furiously moves up and down, but she forces herself to calm down, “Liu Se-sister, who exactly killed brother Xuan Ji? Just who could be so vicious and merciless? You must avenge big brother Xuan Ji!”
    Liu Se’s ugly face has now become incredibly malevolent. The Corpse Soldiers standing below are affected by Liu Se’s state of mind, letting out sounds like the voices of wailing ghosts and howling wolves.
    “Whoever murdered my Xuan Ji, I swear I’m going to cut up his body into ten thousand pieces!”
    Flap flap!
    A carrier pigeon swoops down from the sky and lands on Gong Qianxue’s shoulder.
    Gong Qianxue knows that this is from one of the spies that she’s placed in various areas of Jing Cheng, sending back some news.
    Seeing the message on it, Gong Qianxue’s pupils suddenly contract.
    Her harsh, cold voice is dyed with murderous intent as she slowly squeezes it out of her lips and teeth, “Jun–! Mu–! Yan–!!”
    Seeing this name, hearing this name-
    It’s as if Gong Qianxue could smell the strong stench coming out from her body.
    That nauseating body odor almost turned her into the laughingstock of the entire Imperial Palace.
    In the end, Jian Feng had specially refined an Elixir for her, and only then was that body odor suppressed.

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