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Chapter 465: Really want to eat meat
    What’s worrisome, is that this kinda dumb Uncle Han Ye might be right.
    “These draughts and Elixirs that niangqin made, how about you take along some of them with you?” Xiao Bao conscientiously asks.
    Han Ye quickly shakes his head, “No need, those drugs would have no effect on this subordinate. Then, Little Master, please be good and stay here. This subordinate will go and try to look for Little Shadow.”
    On a day when Muyan used [Clouds that Bind the Ocean] skill to refine Elixirs and caused an unusual phenomenon, Di Ming Jue, Han Ye, and Ying Mei have all left to deal with some matters in the interim, so they’re really not clear about the circumstances during that night.
    Of course, Han Ye would prostrate himself in admiration towards Miss Jun’s talents.
    But even though it’s such an astonishing talent, when all is said and done, this place is still just the Yanwu Continent.
    On this continent, the draughts and Elixirs that are produced by Miss Jun would have people breaking their skulls as they fight over it.
    However, Han Ye really doesn’t think that they will have any effect on him.
    So despite the fact that he’s touched by the Little Master’s concern, Han Ye nevertheless declines.
    Watching Han Ye’s departing figure, Xiao Bao slightly frowns, then he bows his head to pet the fat rabbit’s fur.
    “Bunny, big sister Ying Mei and that idiot uncle Han Ye probably wouldn’t run into danger, right?”
    The fat rabbit responds by flashing its teeth, the expression showing in its eyes is unusually ravenous: I really want to eat meat!
    There’s clearly so much meat over there at that side!
    I can smell it but cannot get it. I really, truly, genuinely can’t stop thinking about it!
    As soon as Han Ye has left, his figure simply turns into an afterimage. In a wink of an eye, he arrives at the Ghost City’s herb storehouse.
    “Little Shadow, Little Shadow, are you here!”
    As soon as he charges into the storehouse, Han Ye immediately yells anxiously.
    “This Gongzi, excuse me, but the Herb Storehouse is a restricted area in the Ghost City, and you cannot enter without permission.”
    Two servant boys step forward to block his way, but Han Ye pushes them away.
    “So it turns out to be the Han Ye Gongzi from Miss Jun’s side. By charging into the Herb Warehouse and raging about, I wonder what Gongzi is up to? Don’t tell me that you want to create a disturbance in the Ghost City like last time? Even if it’s the Shenshu-daren, behaving this unscrupulously is rather excessive, isn’t it?”
    Hearing the familiar annoying voice, Han Ye whips his head around.
    A chubby, Buddha-like old face immediately enters his eyes.
    On this old face, both his eyes are crowded in by the fat, that they’re almost hidden. However, gleams of light spills out from within them every now and then.
    Who else could it be but Xu Fu?
    Han Ye furrows his brows, “What about you? Weren’t there instructions that all of our Lady’s goods cannot be allowed to pass through your hands? Moreover, as a servant that has so provoked one’s superiors by going back on your word, offending the Shenshu, aren’t you supposed to accept punishment? It’s unexpected that you could still stand here and be perfectly all right. Is this how the Ghost City handles its affairs?”
    Hearing Han Ye’s words, the fat on Xu Fu’s face violently bounces about.
    His slitted eyes reveal a flash of bitter resentment.
    But soon, he proceeds to laugh in good humour, “Han Gongzi must be joking. This old man has offended the Shenshu-daren, so of course, I have received proper punishment. From handling the auctions sales, now I’ve even been demoted to watching over the Herb Storehouse. Could it be that the Shenshu-daren would still be dissatisfied with this?”
    Seeing his laugh, Han Ye frowns in disgust, “Don’t you fucking talk nonsense to me. I’m asking you, the black-clothed youngster who came here to pick up the drug ingredients, where is he now? Are you hiding him?”
    “Han Gongzi shouldn’t play jokes. You mean Miss Jun’s Ying Mei, Ying Gongzi, I presume?” Xu Fu calmly continues, “He did come to the Herb Storehouse to pick up the drug ingredients for Miss Jun, and this humble old man gave him the herbs. After that, Ying Mei Gongzi left. By my estimate, he’s left roughly an hour ago.”

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