EMHS – ch464

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Chapter 464: If you want a baby sister, be good and do as you’re told
    “I’m not going!” Xiao Bao struggles indignantly, “I have plans with niangqin to go shopping!!”
    Di Ming Jue slightly narrows his eyes, looking unhappy, “Little guy, win an inch, you musn’t demand a foot. You’ve already kept your mother’s attention for many days.”
    Today, it should be his turn to monopolize Yanyan!
    “Absolutely not, niangqin likes to go shopping with Xiao Bao!”
    “Scoundrel, let go of me!”
    Han Ye laughs along, but there’s no way he would dare let go, “Little Master, you see, it wouldn’t be so bad to roam around the Ghost City with us.”
    Before he could finish talking, a white flash suddenly rushes out, scratching at Han Ye.
    Han Ye is caught off guard, and he loosens his hand.
    Xiao Bao immediately catches the rabbit as it falls down from the air, dashing towards the direction of Muyan’s room.
    As he’s running, he doesn’t forget to shout, “Good job, Bunny!”
    “Awoo–!!!” its favorite Little Master praised it.
    But it’s a pity – before he could run two steps, Di Ming catches him by the collar and lifts them up.
    Xiao Bao glowers at him.
    But he hears Di Ming Jue speak, neither too fast nor too slow: “Do you want to let your mother give you a baby sister that will play with you?”
    Baby sister?
    Xiao Bao stares blankly, huge eyes blinking once.
   A baby sister that look very similar to niangqin will definitely be very, very cute.
    If Xiao Bao becomes a big brother, he must give his little sister all the yummy and interesting things in the world.
    He skeptically looks at Di Ming Jue, giving him a tentative nod.
    Di Ming Jue’s grave, stern face reveals an almost imperceptible smile: “If you want a baby sister, be good and do as you’re told. Don’t bother your mother and I. This way, you would be able to see your baby sister earlier, understand?”
    He pushes the somewhat confused Xiao Bao, along with the fat rabbit, towards Han Ye. Without further ado, he turns around and makes his leave.
    Han Ye leads along the Little Master that has turned obedient. He very much wants to cover his face and sigh.
    Jun Shang, you’re so shameless, without so much as a lower limit in tricking the Little Gongzi – does Miss Jun even know?
    Ghost City.
    Han Ye is in charge of looking after the Little Master, as well as the very restless fat rabbit that wants to break into the Beast Fighting Colosseum.
    Ying Mei is responsible for picking up the herbs.
    But two hours has gone by, and Ying Mei still hasn’t returned.
    Han Ye begins to feel like he’s sitting on pins and needles, so he keeps pacing back and forth within the room, “What’s going on? Little Shadow has already been gone for two hours, why isn’t he back yet? Didn’t he just go to pick up some drug ingredients? How could it possibly take so long? Little Shadow shouldn’t have had an accident, right?”
    Xiao Bao sends him a glance, indifferently saying: “Big sister Ying Mei is fiercer than you.”
    “But, but…” Han Ye tries to speak for quite a while, but he couldn’t continue.
    Ying Mei is indeed better than him, but for some reason, he feels ill at ease today.
    He has this feeling that Little Shadow might have met with a mishap.
    “Little Master, please wait here. I’ll go and try to look for Ying Mei. You… you shouldn’t have any trouble being here by yourself, right?”
    Han Ye is very reluctant. He’s worried about Ying Mei, but he’s also not comfortable with leaving Xiao Bao here by himself.
    Xuao Bao has an indifferent expression. His blue eyes has an innate majesty that makes people believe him without thinking.
    “Of course I won’t be in danger. Xiao Bao has brought all the draughts and Elixirs that niangqin gave me.”
    Since the last time they’ve been hunted by the people of Jin Wangfu-
    Muyan has prepared every kind of draughts for Xiao Bao, both for saving lives and murder.
    On top of that, Xiao Bao’s current cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds under Di Ming Jue’s guidance.
    Even a Precelestial expert wouldn’t be able to cope with him.
    Other than that, he also has the fat rabbit, at a place adjacent to the Beast Fighting Colosseum in the Ghost City.
    He’s not afraid of trouble!

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  1. Xiao Bao sends him a glance, indifferently saying: “Big sister Ying Mei is fiercer than you.”

    Uh han ye didn’t react to “big sister”???


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