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Chapter 460: Unlocking new skills
     This strange and fantastic power – it begins to stir within her, then it becomes as overwhelming as to overturn seas and rivers.
    That is… Spiritual Power!!
    In her previous life, she used up about thirty years, suffered through the thunder tribulations, and was finally able to pry a little bit of its surface.
    But what about in this life?
    On her lower abdomen, in a point next to her Qi Sea, a majestic power begins to surge.
    Then it spreads little by little, flowing into her meridians, and unto the hollow of her palms.
    Gentle but awe-inspiring, it brushes through the tranquil Space.
    In an instant, the soft green grassland becomes even more vibrant.
    The fat rabbit widens its eyes in excitement, unable to stop its own front paws from scratching the ground.
    That’s right, like that! Exactly like that!
    This is Spiritual Power, this is the might of the Moon Root!
    Unadorned white palms softly press themselves on the hot furnace.
    But there’s not even the slightest bit of a burning sensation.
    Muyan feels like her whole body is surrounded by a powerful and fundamentally pure energy.
    It makes her five senses become incomparably sharper.
    It also makes her body become even stronger.
    Spiritual Power passes through her palm and goes into the Pill Furnace.
    The dissolved herbs within the furnace seem to have received some sort of command, as they begin to fuse with each other, and condense at a very fast speed.
     About an hour later-
    A burst of medicinal fragrance wafts through the air and assails their noses, it makes people feel carefree and relaxed.
    The Dan Fire goes out. Muyan opens the Pill Furnace, and she sees that there’s a total of thirty Elixirs within it.
    This is a very common second grade [Recuperative Pill].
    It’s effects are relatively of little value as well – clearing internal heat, lessening inflammation, refreshing and clearing the mind.
    But Pills are Elixirs after all, and this kind of Recuperative Pill also couldn’t be purchased on the ordinary medicine halls outside.
    Place it in the Ghost City to be auctioned off, and a single one could be sold for several tens of thousands of gold coins.
    From what Muyan remembers in her past life, an alchemist can only refine this kind of second grade Elixirs a maximum of ten pieces at a time.
    Yet she has unexpectedly refined a total of thirty.
    Muyan picks up a Pill and closely examines it, a contented smile hanging on her lips.
    Now, let’s see who else would dare to say that she couldn’t do alchemy.
    She’s in a very good mood, not even minding the fat rabbit pilfering food.
    Directly losing three pieces to it.
    In the end, a scene occurs that makes her stunned.
    The fat rabbit uses its front paws to sweep those three Elixirs aside, going as far as to just throw them away, flinging the Pills to a distance.
    There’s even a disgusted expression in its mung bean eyes.
    For quite a while, Muyan couldn’t recover from the fat rabbit’s disgust.
    But this isn’t right!
    The fat rabbit has always been eager to drink the draughts that she refines.
    Why would it dislike the more valuable Elixir?
    Ding ding dong dong!
    The sound of the Tian Mo Qin suddenly enters her ears.
    Muyan turns her head, only to discover that the fat rabbit has jumped on the Tian Mo Qin without her notice, and it’s right in the middle of using its claws to persistently thrum the strings.
    There’s an impatient expression on its face.
    And in an instant, like a good idea that comes with good luck, Muyan’s mind is suddenly enlightened.
    She understands!
    The fat rabbit doesn’t want ordinary draughts or Elixirs.
    But rather those draughts and Elixirs that are refined and made with the Shen Musician techniques.
     What’s the difference between them?
    Just take a look at Chen Qingfeng, the draughts that he can refine after her guidance, and compare them with the special grade draughts that she makes herself. Look at the price difference when they are sold, and it should be very clear.
    At this moment, Muyan suddenly remembers.
    When the Tian Mo Qin was repaired, her Shen Musician skills leveled-up as well.
    There is indeed an unlocked skill that pertains to alchemy.
  • separating the wheat from the chaff; getting rid of the bad and keeping the good.
    Muyan slowly makes her way to the fat rabbit’s side, and picks it up by the scruff. She has a smile that isn’t a smile.
    “Surprisingly quite heavy.”
    “I don’t see much use for you, but your mouth is very picky.”

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