EMHS – ch459

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Chapter 459: Rabbit just wants to die
    In the end, he still restrains himself.
    Even with his frantic desire to take Jun Muyan.
    Indeed, he must obtain her body and heart, whole and complete.
    His wife, his lady, must be properly spoiled, loved, and indulged.
    He would wait, until the day comes when she would completely belong to him, and only then would he devour her into his belly.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, his voice gloomy and quiet like a whisper: “Jun Muyan, you are destined to be mine.”
    In the Space, Muyan breathes a sigh of relief after freeing herself from Di Ming Jue with some difficulty.
    However, she can’t help but tense up all over.
    She seems to have this notion that she is prey that’s being watched by some dreadful beast.
    Shaking her head, she shakes off this strange and indescribable feeling.
    Muyan’s line of sight falls on the drug ingredients she’s raked in from the Ghost City.
    In her ears, she seems to hear Shi Lanling’s words–
     “Is it possible that you think, since you can refine draughts – then you can take some drug ingredients, casually experiment, and be able to learn how to do alchemy? You’re rather too naive.”
     “If you really need an Elixir, then just tell me. I will definitely refine it for you with my own hands!”
    Muyan slowly narrows her eyes, looking very upset.
    Haha, isn’t it just alchemy?
    She simply doesn’t believe that she couldn’t do it.
    She sets up the alchemy furnace, and lights up the Dan Fire.
    One by one, she places the herbs into the Dan Furnace.
    They begin to dissolve under the stimulation of her Internal Force.
    When it’s time to condense them into Pills however, there’s some hesitation in Muyan’s movements.
    That’s because last time, she had failed right at this stage.
    While she’s hesitating, a white ball suddenly rolls over to her feet.
    The fat rabbit scrunches its head, mung bean eyes open wide and bright, excitedly fixing its attention on the Pill Furnace.
    Those eyes are filled with insatiable hunger.
    It’s as if Muyan is cooking some rare and delicious treasure.
    Muyan doesn’t think that this kind of behavior on fat rabbit is strange.
    Previously, whenever she used the skill [Spring Snow] to refine draughts,
    The fat rabbit would also often come to cadge a meal. In particular, the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking is just the rabbit’s favorite.
    Usually, it would grab several bottles and drink them all up before Muyan could react.
    At the thought the Draughts’ price, Muyan really wishes she could turn this fat rabbit into stir-fried rabbit meat.
    So at this time, Muyan pays it no mind.
    She readies to operate her Internal Force instead, which will condense the dissolved drug ingredients.
    However, just as she’s about to pour her Internal Force into the cauldron-
    The fat rabbit heavily knocks against her.
    “Awoo!” the fat rabbit makes a howl that’s completely different from how a rabbit should sound like. As it looks at Muyan, the expression on those mung bean eyes is very much like one who hates iron for not becoming steel.
    Stupid, you have Spiritual Power, why would you still use Internal Force in alchemy!
    Using Internal Force, how could you possibly succeed in alchemy!
    Muyan is taken aback, then she abruptly comes back to her senses, “You’re saying that I won’t be able to condense a Pill this way!”
    The fat rabbit nods its fluffy white head.
    Indeed, she used Internal Force to condense Pills in the previous experiment, and she failed.
    But other than Internal Force, she doesn’t have the secret method to condense Pills – how is she supposed to do it!
    The fat rabbit almost wants to just die.
    This stupid woman, she clearly possesses a precious treasure, but it actually hasn’t occurred to her to use Spiritual Power.
    That’s the Moon Root, that Moon Spiritual Root ah! Is there anything purer than the condensed Spiritual Power of the Moon Root?
     Muyan spreads out her slender snow white hands, slowly operating the power within her body.
    Internal Force circulates within her Qi Sea.
    But no, this isn’t the power that she wants to use.
    She could feel that there’s another force within her.
    When the Tian Mo Qin was repaired,
    When she used silver needles to treat the dying Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu-

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