EMHS – ch458

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Chapter 458: What if Xiao Bao wakes up
    After entering, the girl seems listless, blankly standing by the doorway, but refusing to come over.
    Jun Shang, who had been reclining all this time, finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He lifts his eyes and says: “Come here.”
    The man’s voice is lowered and husky, with a magnetism that could make a person’s ears pregnant.
    Muyan’s heart is like the string of the zither softly being strummed by the man, tingling and restless.
    Her feet walks over to the man without her control.
    Once she’s less than half a meter away from Di Ming Jue, her wrists are suddenly captured, and she’s tugged in.
    Her whole body falls forward, into a broad, warm embrace.
    The man’s unique scent assaults her senses.
    Muyan feels like she’s really been bewitched just now. Why else would she obediently walk right into the trap, just because he tells her to come?
    “Let go…”
    Before she could finish her words, her small mouth is already blocked up.
    The body that wants to escape is firmly imprisoned.
    A large hand clasps her slender waist, while another hand presses the back of her head.
    Along with the deepening kiss, those slender fingers brushes away the coiled coiffure off her hair.
    The long hair unrolls and scatters, and his fingers run through her silky smooth hair that’s like a waterfall, softly stroking the nape of her neck.
    Boundlessly ambiguous and lingering.
    A good while later, Muyan is breathless as she’s released.
    She ferociously glares at the man who has the tendency of getting more and more shameless, “Who allowed you to grope me?”
    The man’s deep and low voice enters her ears, “Ben Jun didn’t grope you, Ben Jun… just moved my mouth.”
    “You…” Can you still be a more shameless?
    Before she could finish her words, the man lowers his head once again, taking her already red and swollen lips in his mouth.
    Ravaging and sucking, it’s a good while later when his mouth loosens it’s hold.
    “What’s more, Ben Jun is also using his mouth to prevent you from waking up our son.”
    Muyan subconsciously looks to the side, at her son who has turned over because of the commotion. She immediately holds her breath and ceases her movements.
    Soon after, she feels that the hand on her midsection is slowly kneading her waist. 
    Her body is held tighter in Di Ming Jue’s arms.
    Closer, through the thin clothing, she could feel the man’s scorching chest, and the texture of the flesh that is faintly moving up and down.
    She’s stiff from head to foot, and just as she’s about to struggle,
    The man takes her delicate white earlobe in his mouth.
    With thick desire, his scandalous, murmuring voice deliberately rubs against her eardrums: “Don’t move, otherwise, what’s to be done if Xiao Bao wakes up?”
    “Di Ming Jue!” Muyan gnashes her teeth as she glares at him.
    But she makes contact with the man’s eyes – pampering, passionate, and dark like the abyss of ocean under ten thousand fathoms.
    “It’s already late in the evening, you must be tired for the day. Does my lady still not intend to rest?”
    The man’s slender fingers works the knot on her belt, slowly undoing it.
    Muyan inwardly panics, thinking that if she doesn’t stop him, something might happen tonight.
    Especially since Di Ming Jue’s breath has become a little hot and scorching.
    The pair’s bodies are pressed up against each other, and she could distinctly feel the man has swords drawn and bows bent.
    The next moment-
    Di Ming Jue suddenly feels his arms go empty.
    There’s only a belt left on his hand.
    And the warm, fragrant nephrite just now has already disappeared without a trace.
    His lust-ridden eyes slowly retreats and meanders.
    Then they narrow dangerously.
    On the hand that had just touched the young woman’s skin, there still seems to be the exquisitely warm tactile sensation that remains.
    Just thinking about it, the blood in his entire body cannot help but boil.
    What a pity that the little woman has slipped away!
    Of course, Di Ming Jue knows that Muyan has entered the Space.
     He could have easily grabbed her out.


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