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Chapter 457: Because of Jealousy
    Ru Yan continues: “This subordinate had heard of it as well. There were also a lot of people in our Ghost City who tried to concoct Pills, but all of them failed, even sustaining damage on their meridians and Qi Sea because the backlash from the Dan Fire. Miss, you really don’t need to take on that kind of risk.”
    Indeed, they could still remember.
    Back then, when they were in Xia’an, Muyan’s attempt at alchemy caused a big explosion.
    At that time, it almost blasted Junji Drugstore’s entire courtyard.
    At that time, Muyan and Xiao Bao also got lucky that they didn’t suffer any injuries.
    What if she really, finally gets hurt this time?
    What’s more, they really think that the special grade draughts that Muyan refines are far superior than the troublesome Elixirs.
    Haven’t they seen how, after hearing “Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking”, those people in the Ghost City couldn’t even care about Shi Lanling?
    Stomping on that so-called Shi-xianzi’s face straight down to the earth’s core.
    As soon as Ru Yan remembers that scene, she feels incredibly pleased.
    Muyan’s gaze sweeps through the people there, unhurriedly saying: “Do you guys all think that I can’t make Elixirs?”
    Without waiting for everyone’s reply, she stands up and lightly brushes her sleeves. Her smile is languid and enchanting.
    “Since you all think that I couldn’t refine it, then…”
    “I can only absolutely insist on refining it!”
    After saying that, under everyone’s shocked looks, she turns and leaves.
    They all look at each other. It’s only after some time that they somewhat come back to their senses.
    “Miss is so insistent on alchemy, is it because she’s jealous?”
    “Hm, yea. Sure, after all, when that Shi Lanling kept on saying that she can concoct Pills, and she could be of help to Gu Ye, she looked very bad.”
     “But that’s alchemy! Isn’t it simply impossible to succeed without the secret method of condensing Pills?”
    “Right! On the Yanwu Continent, there’s never been a single person who had successfully done it without the secret method!”
    Yet Yan Haotian, who hasn’t said anything so far, slightly lowers his eyes.
    He is definitely the one who has followed Muyan the longest.
    Therefore, nobody knows better than him, just how many miracles has this beautiful girl made, even though she seems too weak to stand up to the wind.
    Would a miracle really not happen this time?
    Muyan returns to her room. Pushing the door open, she sees Di Ming Jue sitting by the bed, lazily flipping through the pages a the book in his hand.
    Xiao Bao is sleeping soundly on the bed near him.
    His delicate little face is calm, contented, and at peace. It’s completely unlike before, when he would weep quietly whenever she’s not by his side.
    Seeing this scene, Muyan’s heart turns incredibly soft.
    This kind of tranquility, this present picture of ease and stability – it allows her to come up with a voracious desire to keep on like this forever.
    All of a sudden, her gaze shifts, and she sees the book’s cover page. Her brows jump up.
    This book had been taken out from her Space.
    However, exactly how could this man possibly take out something from her Tian Mo Qin’s space?
    Or rather, just how could this man know that she has such a space?
    If he knows of the Space’s existence, then what about the secrets of the Tian Mo Qin and the Shen Musicians?
    Does he also know about them?
    Baili Yinlou previously said, that the Shen Musician is an existence that the Three Realms wishes so strongly to eliminate completely.
    If Di Ming Jue comes to know of her identity as a disciple of the Shen Musicians, will he also want to eliminate her?
    But immediately, Muyan rejects her own conclusion.
    That’s because, according to Baili Liuyin’s notes, Muyan knows that a portable Space is very common in the Xiuxian Continent.
    However, the Tian Mo Qin having a Space is a secret that only a small number of people from Hall of God Musicians know of.
    How could Di Ming Jue know of the existence of the Tian Mo Qin and the Shen Musicians?

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