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Chapter 453: She can’t reject their feelings
    “It’s no wonder that earlier, Miss Jun’s husband said that she’s unsightly. Seeing her like this, it’s really unsightly!”
    Shi Lanling covers her face with her hands, but the sounds of constant chattering and discussions still enter her ears nonstop.
    In the end, she couldn’t bear it any more, and she lets out shrill scream.
    She rushes out like a madwoman.
    Looking at her departing back, Muyan couldn’t suppress her lips from ticking up, and the expression on her face is very much like schadenfreude.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Didn’t Shi Lanling say that she could solve the White Jade Purple Frost in a minute?
    How come it’s been so long already? Rather than removing it, the poison has risen to the surface instead?
    Anyway, that face covered in white spots is really putting her in a cheerful mood!
    Who made Shi Lanling want to harm her baby back then?
    “Miss Jun!” she suddenly hears the voice of a middle-aged woman.
    Muyan raises her head, meeting Magistrate Qin’s nervous eyes, “Miss Jun, we’re very, very sorry. Our Ghost City had wronged you. But… but our Wangjiang Ghost City truly needs the draughts you refine. Is it possible to ask daren to be magnanimous and forgive us this time? We ensure you that we’ll certainly properly rectify our Ghost City, and never let this happen again.”
    Hearing what she said, Magistrate Liu suddenly raises his head, watery eyes staring at Muyan, and he nods with all his might: “Yes yes, our Ghost City will necessarily severely punish everyone who offended Miss Jun! Miss Jun, sell your draughts to us!”
    As he says that, he fiercely glares at Xu Fu.
    Xu Fu’s obese body shakes a little. At this moment, he really wants to find a hole to burrow into.
    But faintly, unwillingness and resentment bubbles up in his eyes.
    As Muyan looks at the middle-aged woman, her gaze softens a bit.
    This Magistrate Qin, as well as the people with her, they’ve all upheld themselves when they stood against such a large opposition earlier.
    She can’t possibly reject their feelings.
    “It’s not impossible for me to put the special draughts in the Ghost City for sale.” she slowly says.
    When she said that, the people in the room all have their eyes go bright, and they fixedly stare at her.
    Only to hear Muyan continue: “But the originally scheduled three bottles of Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking will be reduced to one bottle. The other draughts will also be reduced accordingly. Moreover, all of these draughts cannot pass through Xu Fu’s hands. In the future, be it a draught or an Elixir that I’ve refined, none of them can pass through Xu Fu. This point, do you guys have any objection?”
    “None, none at all! We’ll do everything according Miss Jun’s decision!” although it’s very heartbreaking to have the three Precelestial Philters of Barrier Breaking be reduced to one, Magistrate Liu still feels that it’s already very good that they can have this outcome.
    As for that Xu Fu-
    Even if Muyan didn’t say anything, he’ll certainly be punished.
    And later, it’s only natural that the sale of draughts will not go through his hands.
    The other people who were in Xu Fu’s group hear that they don’t need to be punished, nor are they banned from buying and selling the special grade draughts. They immediately let out a big sigh of relief.
    Magistrate Liu spares no effort to make the compromise.
    Whether it’s the contract for the selling of draughts, or the drug ingredients to be given to Muyan, all of them have been finalized very rapidly.
    After signing the contract, Muyan collects all the herbs using the storage ring that Di Ming Jue gave her. Only then does she reveal a satisfied smiling expression, “I will have people come to take the remaining drug ingredients in a few days.”
     “Yes yes yes! Rest assured, Miss Jun. We will certainly prepare all the things that you want. Please rest assured!”
    “But hehe, since we’ve already signed the contract, can that Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking be…”
    Magistrate Liu rubs his hands, his face hungrily looking at the porcelain bottle in Feng Haitang’s hands.

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  1. thank you for the update. I am sure Magistrate Liu is most happiest with contract terms as he will be able to have his Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking draught.


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