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Chapter 448: Ghost City’s Interests is the most important
    “Don’t forget that when our Miss refines Elixirs, some of it will be put for sale at Ghost City!”
    Xu Fu is jolted up, coming back to his senses, and grovels as he bows down towards Shi Lanling.
    As he turns around towards Muyan, his face no longer has the careful nervousness and fawning from earlier.
    “Miss, with regard to the matter of the drug ingredients, I’ve already clearly explained it to you just a moment ago. Regardless of whether the Shenshu token is real or not, I think that you should nevertheless stop pestering about it endlessly, just leave now.”
    Ru Yan shakes in anger, “You people have examined the Shenshu token earlier – couldn’t you tell whether it’s real or fake? This token has been personally handed over to Miss Jun by the Ghost King of Xia’an. I was there at that time. Why would you people say that the Lady’s status as a Shenshu is fake?”
    “So what if it’s real?” Xu Fu snorts, and there’s disdain across his whole face.
    At this point, he might as well just throw down the broken pot.
    In any case, he has already offended Jun Muyan. Regardless of whether Jun Muyan is a Shenshu or not, she wouldn’t look upon him favorably.
    Then he’s better off tightly holding on to Shi Lanling’s thigh. When the moment comes, the benefits that he can gain could only be too many to count.
    “Just now, Shi-xianzi had also said that the main use for these herbs is in alchemy. You’re someone who can’t do alchemy, so what can you do by taking away these ingredients? Could it be the same as Shi-xianzi’s, that it could be placed for sale in our Ghost City?”
    The more Xu Fu speaks, the more excited he gets, “Every time Shi-xianzi delivers an Elixir to our Ghost City, do you know the price it could sell for, and how big are the benefits it brings to our Ghost City? To say nothing of your fake Shenshu, even if it’s real, can your status be mentioned in the same breath as Shi-xianzi’s? Why do you want to pick a fight with her?”
    “Magistrate Xu, what you’re saying is going too far!” at the side, there’s a woman of about forty years old. Hearing what was said, she’s finally unable to bear it, so she steps forward, “It was the Ghost Lord’s order to treat the Shenshu as a guest of honor. If Miss Jun is truly one, she must have the privilege of taking precedence in purchasing these drug ingredients. Even if she wants to take these herbs away for free, that would also be permitted.”
    “Going back on your word like this, deceiving the Shenshu, do you see our Ghost City’s rules as child’s play?”
    Hearing those words, there’s a flash in Xu Fu’s eyes, and he appears somewhat flustered.
    Soon however, he remembers the recent rumors of Jing Cheng’s Ghost City.
    He has heard that Jing Cheng’s Ghost King is the strongest among the three countries, even close to that of the Ghost Lord.
    And these people’s Ghost King couldn’t keep up with the Ghost Lord.
    The Ghost King of Jing Cheng might break away from the Ghost Lord’s control, and cooperate with Jing Cheng’s royal family.
    At that time, what order of the Ghost Lord, what Shenshu, how can he still care about those?
    Today, if he can win over Shi-xianzi and rope her to the Ghost King’s side, perhaps, not only will he escape punishment for offending the Shenshu, he could even obtain enormous rewards.
    Thinking of this, Xu Fu’s expression immediately calms down.
    He narrows his eyes, and casts a sidelong glance at that middle-aged woman, “Magistrate Qin, everything that I do is for the good of the Ghost City, thinking about its future. You have to think about it, is it important that we make good to a woman who can’t even do alchemy, and can’t bring benefits to the Ghost City; or is it important to build a good relationship with Shi-xianzi? Even if it’s the order of the Ghost Lord, if it harms the interests of the Ghost City, then I, Xu Fu, will not comply.”
    “Isn’t that right, everyone?”
    The Magistrates and Ghost Envoys on the scene face each other, discussing spiritedly.
    They are slowly splitting into two factions.

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