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Chapter 447: What pair of father and son
    For a brief moment, the room sinks into silence because of what Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao said.
    Then it suddenly erupts into intense discussion.
    “Heavens, it turns out to be a family of three, and Shi-xianzi actually wants to wreck their home, that’s really… really not supposed to be…”
    “I truly didn’t expect that Shi-xianzi, who’s usually clear as ice and clean as jade, not eating the food of common mortals – she unexpectedly turns out to be the kind person who would tempt a married man, tsk tsk…”
    “Oh my god, that little boy is so cute! Looking at those bright limpid eyes is making my heart all soft.” there are also women among the Ghost Envoys and Magistrates. They see Xiao Bao asking Di Ming Jue to not be seduced by Shi Lanling, and their hearts fill up with disapproval, “How could Shi-xianzi do something like this? Wanting to snatch a family’s father, even wanting to bully that adorable child!”
    Shi Lanling hears the words of the surrounding people, and her body wobbles, almost passing out.
    The blush on her face has already drained away, replaced by a deathly paleness. Her white face then turns to green, her eyes fill up with grief, indignation, and despair.
    Soon after, she ferociously glares at Muyan, her face revealing a sinister killing intent.
    Muyan uses her fingers to twirl the hair hanging by her side, and she can’t help but send a glance towards Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao.
     It’s amusing!
     Someone has come to provoke, but before she could take care it, it’s already been settled by this pair of “father and son”.
    This Shi Lanling’s complexion is practically uglier than when Muyan spread the White Jade Purple Frost on her.
    It makes Muyan lose all interest in her.
    She couldn’t stop a smiling expression from appearing in her eyes.
    Then her face slightly goes stiff.
    Hold on! What ‘pair of father and son’!
    When did she say that she would marry Di Ming Jue? When did she say that she would want Xiao Bao to recognize him as father?
    And Xiao Bao, this guy, didn’t he really dislike Di Ming Jue before?
    Why is he so enthusiastically calling him dad now?
    She doesn’t know that this is also the first time that Xiao Bao has called the other ‘dad’ so smoothly.
    When he called that out just a moment ago, it was for the purpose of supporting Muyan. He had entirely forgotten about any shyness and awkwardness.
    After he finished saying that out loud, his tiny face immediately goes red.
    His huge eyes occasionally flick towards Di Ming Jue.
    He… does he or does he not like Xiao Bao calling him dad? Is he going to get mad?
    Just at this moment, Di Ming Jue lifts up his head, and pinches Xiao Bao’s soft and tender little face. Then he speaks with a sneer: “Do you take your father for an idiot? How can I take a fancy to this unsightly thing? Dad will only have your mother as the sole woman in my life!”
    Xiao Bao’s big eyes blink. Inside them, there’s a pure and crystal clear smiling expression that slowly ripples out.
    It’s as if brilliant fireworks blossom within his eyes.
    It makes the whole person appear softer, and more adorable. Even for a hard-hearted man, looking at such a child will sweeten his his heart.
    Muyan originally thought of refuting what Di Ming Jue said.
    But seeing her son’s happy smile, seeing Di Ming Jue familiar posture of carrying her son with an almost imperceptible smile at the corners of his mouth… in the end, she still swallows back the words on her lips.
    She herself hasn’t noticed that the lazy and beguiling smile on her face has faded.
    Slowly rising up to the surface of her countenance is the sweetness, ease, and tranquility that she hasn’t allowed herself for so many years.
     Shi Lanling’s form trembles violently. In her extreme hatred and jealousy, she almost couldn’t contain a hysterical scream.
    Rui Zhu could feel that her Miss’ rationality is close to falling apart.
    A change comes over her complexion, and she immediately yells: “What are you all just staring blankly for? Hurry up and shoo away this woman who’s pretending to be a Shenshu!”
    Saying that, she ferociously glares at Xu Fu: “Magistrate Xu, are you stupid? Don’t tell me you’re really going to sell so many precious herbs to someone who can’t even do alchemy?”

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