EMHS – ch446

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Chapter 446: Follow whatever Yanyan says
    The reason for this is said to be the lack of a certain type of energy in the Yanwu Continent, making it very difficult for Pills to condense and take form.
    Only a small number of people with special talents, or secret inheritances, have the ability to successfully do alchemy.
    This little girl surnamed Jun, if she thinks that buying some precious drug ingredients to concoct some Pills, and she can just succeed in alchemy, then that is really a huge joke.
    Hearing the whispering voices of the people around them, Shi Lanling is more and more satisfied in her mind.
    She only feels that the gloominess that has accumulated all this time, seem to be released all at once.
    She very quickly adjusts her own expressions, and looks towards Di MIng Jue with worry and sincerity, “Di Jun, it would be better for you to persuade Miss Jun, that she really should not extravagantly squander your money like this, and do some unrealistic thing, just because she’s peeved with me. Could it be that she hasn’t considered your feelings?”
    “If, if you really need an Elixir, then just tell me. I will definitely refine it for you with my own hands!”
    As she says this last bit, there’s a blush on her face, her features appear bashful and emotional.
    Even through the veil, one can make out her endless affection.
    Only then does everyone’s line of sight fall on Di Ming Jue.
    Then they have a startling discovery. They actually hadn’t noticed that this man’s appearance is so handsome, beautiful like the gods above the Ninth Heaven. His temperament is so eminent, that even as he represses his breath, he could still make people unconsciously want to surrender.
    Many people have their eyes sweep through Di Ming Jue, Jun Muyan, and Shi Lanling.
    In their minds, they’ve already drawn a melodramatic love triangle on these three individuals.
    Even though the young woman with the surname Jun has an absolutely beautiful appearance, Shi-xianzi could nevertheless refine Elixirs that would certainly be immensely helpful towards the man’s cultivation.
    This beautiful man that doesn’t appear like an ordinary mortal, who knows which one will he choose?
    Di Ming Jue has been awfully quiet all day as he’s carrying Xiao Bao.
    It’s not that Jun Shang-daren has a change of personality today.
    But as soon as they entered the Ghost City, Jun Shang-daren could barely refrain from recalling the bad memories from that previous time.
    He was incredibly anxious as he rushed over, believing that when the hero saves the beauty, Muyan would immediately give her heart to him.
    He didn’t expect that after saving her, she would instead turn her back on him for being nosy and meddlesome.
    Humph… unexpectedly daring to turn her back on Ben Jun for being nosy and meddlesome?!
    And it’s not just once or twice.
    Di Ming Jue grinds his teeth.
    Thus, in their trip to the Ghost City this time, Jun Shang-daren decided to be all quiet through the whole thing, thoroughly suppressing the pressure and momentum from his body.
    Follow everything Yanyan says.
    Have Yanyan take charge of everything.
    Who would have imagined that while he’s being so subdued, he would still surprisingly attract some flies.
    Hearing Shi Lanling’s words, Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao simultaneously look down.
    Two pairs of practically identical ice-blue pupils, without the slightest bit of expression, fall on Shi Lanling’s face.
    Getting herself stared at by these two sets of cold, heavy eyes – Shi Lanling goes rigid from head to foot.
    Soon after, she hears the man’s voice. It’s deep, low and magnetic, but overflowing with disgust.
    “Where did this hideous thing come from? When is it your turn to care about anything that Ben Jun’s woman wants to buy?”
    Xiao Bao says: “Dad, did you forget? She’s that old aunt who bullied Xiao Bao at the gates of Di Yuan. Now she want to bully niangqin!”
    Saying that, annoyed blue eyes stare at Shi Lanling, “Old aunt, don’t you have any sense of shame? Just several days ago, you were scrambling for Xiao Bao’s dad; now, you’ve come to grab niangqin’s herbs.”
    Finished with that, he even blinks his huge eyes towards Di Ming Jue, “Dad, you mustn’t be deceived by this old aunt’s outward appearance. She is a bad person, bullying Xiao Bao and niangqin.”

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