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Chapter 445: Can’t do Alchemy
    “Magistrate Xu.” Muyan turns to her side, towards Xu Fu who’s dripping with sweat, “Giving my herbs to other people is you, Xu Fu, going back on your word. Or do you mean to say that Ghost City’s promised treatment towards a Shenshu is nothing but a lie?”
    “This… this… I…” Xu Fu is completely like a cat on a hot tin roof.
   He wants to please Shi Lanling, but he also doesn’t want to offend the newly named Shenshu-daren.
    Especially as the knowing and scornful gazes from the other people of the Ghost City come upon him, further making him feel as if he’s sitting on pins and needles.
    Shi Lanling merely bursts into a giggling laughter, “Shenshu? There hasn’t been a Shenshu in the Ghost City for three hundred years. Who knows if this sudden appearance is real or fake. If someone shows off a fake Shenshu token to commit fraud, scamming a lot of drug ingredients from the Ghost City, who would be accountable for such a crime?”
    “It’s that!” Rui Zhu goes along and says, “The Ghost City’s Shenshu, isn’t it a person of virtue and prestige, and someone who is equal to a Ghost King? But when you say that it’s a mere girl who is less than twenty years old, someone who can’t do alchemy, yet she can obtain a Shenshu token – who would believe that?!”
    As soon as these words come out, everyone looks at Muyan with their eyes tinted with suspicion.
    Indeed, Muyan is really too young.
    Her skin is fairer than snow, features as beautiful as a painting. If she doesn’t have a small child beside her, she would appear like an absolutely beautiful but frail little girl.
    How could she possibly have a Shenshu token?
    A sliver of a smile finally appears on Shi Lanling’s face. She unhurriedly gets up from her seat, and slowly makes her way before Muyan.
   Her voice is gentle, but it has a hint of standoffish disdain, “Miss Jun, you have to know that a lot of these precious herbs can only be utilized in alchemy. You can’t do alchemy at all, so it would only be a needless waste of resources if you take these ingredients with you. Why bother?”
    “Or maybe…” She suddenly pauses, sending a sidelong glance towards Di Ming Jue, “maybe it’s because of that time in front of Di Jun, I said that you can’t concoct Pills, so you felt unwillingness in your heart and wanted to attempt alchemy?”
    Looking at the expressionless face of the girl in front of her, Shi Lanling thinks that this is really the other’s goal. She feels incredibly pleased in her heart.
    Then she can’t help but let out a giggling laugh, “Did I really get it right? Miss Jun, I know that your talent in refining medicine is pretty good. However, even though draughts and Elixirs are both medicines, their differences are heaven and earth apart. The value of a draught is far lacking, that it couldn’t be placed on par with an Elixir.”
    “Is it possible that you think, since you can refine draughts – then you can take some drug ingredients, casually experiment, and be able to learn how to do alchemy? You’re rather too naive.”
    Rui Zhu quickly walks over to Shi Lanling’s side, supporting the latter. With arrogance and disdain on her face, “Miss Jun, you should know that in the entire Yanwu Continent, there are no more than five people who can do alchemy. Moreover, such a resoundingly famous one like our Miss is totally like a phoenix feather and unicorn horn*, that only Heavenly Road Sect’s Great Master Jian Feng can be mentioned in the same breath as her. You want to just learn to do alchemy and concoct Pills, haha, are you cracking a joke?”
  • extremely rare
    Everyone around also smiles, shaking their heads.
    That’s right!
    How could alchemy be such an easy thing?
    In the Ghost City, there are actually a lot of doctors, and a lot of people who can refine draughts.
    But aside from Shi Lanling, there’s no one who can do alchemy.
    This is the reason why Shi Lanling’s status in the Ghost City could be so high.
    Throughout the Yanwu Continent, methods and prescriptions of alchemy are spread everywhere.
    But every attempt in alchemy almost always results in furnace explosion and failure.

2 thoughts on “EMHS – ch445

  1. thank you for the update.

    Shi Lanling talks so much that she is gifted and such. Yet, she still has not cured herself. I cannot wait for her to get her just desserts when she realises how inferior is her alchemy to Muyan.


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