EMHS – ch444

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Chapter 444: I trust that you have been well since we last met
    “Wait!” Shi Lanling suddenly opens her mouth to speak, “I would in fact like to see just where had this so-called Shenshu come from. Let those people in.”
    Xu Fu’s face goes stiff, yet he has no choice but to bow and comply.
    Not a moment later, Muyan’s group comes in.
    Shi Lanling’s line of sight falls on Di Ming Jue. First, her eyeballs fix in place, then they are filled with heavy obsession.
    If Di Ming Jue converges his body’s energy while he’s in the Ghost City, it would make people overlook him when they first see him.
    Yet Shi Lanling still immediately catches sight of this strong, handsome man, who deeply fascinates her.
    So much so that she couldn’t control herself from wanting to throw herself into his arms, and tell him about her longing for him.
    Shi Lanling, since childhood to now, she’s never loved a man before, never loved to such an extent before.
    But at this time, her gaze shifts.
    Next to that man, what enters Shi Lanling’s eyes is a girl’s lucid and enchanting features, beautiful when it’s happy or even when it’s mad.
    “It’s!! You!!” Shi Lanling growls through gritted teeth.
    Jun Muyan, this slut, this slut! She actually still dares to appear in front of Shi Lanling!
    Shi Lanling’s hand couldn’t help but stroke her face, she couldn’t control her chest from heaving up and down.
    Jun Muyan, it was this slut who poisoned her with the White Jade Purple Frost, making her fall to this extent.
    All this time, she’s been trying various kinds of means, attempting to solve the poison on her.
    But there’s no way.
    Her cultivation was regressing little by little, and if it went on, she might not even be able to stay in Heaven Stage.
    In her desperation, Shi Lanling had no other choice but to use another toxic Elixir, fighting poison with poison, and suppress the toxicity of the White Jade Purple Frost.
    Who would have imagined that after a night, the toxins of the White Jade Purple Frost would actually come up to the surface of her skin.
    It made her face break out in thickly dotted white spots.
    Shi Lanling saw her fiend-like self in the mirror, and in her anger, she smashed everything in the room.
    Frightened and resentful, Shi Lanling poured through numerous prescriptions, only to find that the Pill that could remove the white spots requires a relatively large amount of rare herbs, and that’s why she has come to the Ghost City.
    She never expected that she would actually come across this slut Jun Muyan here.
    And yet, while her beauty has been spoiled, Jun Muyan has become even more beautiful than before, more majestic.
    How could she not hate this?
   She truly wishes that she could chop up Jun Muyan into ten thousand pieces.
    “Shenshu-daren.” Xu Fu wipes the cold sweat off his forehead, and he respectfully says, “Haven’t I already sent someone to give you a letter? The Ghost City still hasn’t gathered together the herbs that you need, why don’t you wait for a few more days?”
    Muyan quirks her brows as she looks at Shi Lanling, “I didn’t expect that it would be an old acquaintance. Shi-xianzi, I trust that you have been well since we last met!”
    Shi Lanling rigidly bites her teeth, almost unable to control her face from twisting.
    But Muyan doesn’t waste time on Shi Lanling, turning to look at Xu Fu instead, “Magistrate Xu, earlier, you’ve clearly informed me that the Ghost City has eighty percent of the herbs that I need. Why are you contradicting yourself now?”
    Xu Fu wipes his sweat. With a forced smile: “That… that… that had just been my mistake, those herbs, the Ghost City has in fact ran out of stock already…”
    “Our family’s Miss wants these herbs.” Rui Zhu snorts, scornfully looking at Muyan, “What’s more, several days later, our Miss will take all the relevant ingredients. Miss Jun, if you like, go somewhere else to buy them!”
    Seeing Muyan’s slowly sinking face, Shi Lanling’s twisted expression finally eases up a little.

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