EMHS – ch443

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Chapter 443: Xu Fu’s Choice
    They hear Rui Zhu proudly saying: “This is the third grade [Spirit and Foundation Strengthening Pill] that our Miss had just successfully refined. It has the miraculous effect of stabilizing and advancing one’s cultivation. This is rewarded to you.”
    “Many thanks to Shi-xianzi, many thanks to Shi-xianzi!” Xu Fu is overjoyed as he goes to receive it.
    At the same time, he gets envious gazes from the others.
    In his mind, he’s truly rejoicing.
    He had just been busy preparing herbs for Jun Muyan, when Shi Lanling unexpectedly arrived and also ordered a lot of rare herbs.
    Indeed, Xu Fu knows this Shi-xianzi.
    Her abilities in alchemy is as well-known as Heavenly Road Sect’s Master Jian Feng. If he curries favor with her, he could receive Elixirs.
    Right now, he has been stuck in a bottleneck for a long time, but maybe he could have a breakthrough.
    Of course, what Xu Fu really wants is the [Philter of Barrier Breaking] that is widely famous within the Ghost City.
    There are now two types of that draught.
    One is meant for Heaven Stage or lower. Auctioned in the Ghost City, it reached the sky-high price of ten million gold coins.
    But for outsiders, almost none of them know that there is still another kind in the Ghost City – the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking.
    It is for those in the Heaven Stage or higher, even for people with Precelestial Cultivation.
    It goes without saying that there’s a very small supply of this draught.
    To date, there are only two bottles of it in the entire Ghost City.
    One of those bottles has been used by a lucky Magistrate from Wangjiang, in exchange for his contribution. On the spot, he actually made a breakthrough from peak Heaven Stage to Precelestial.
    Really, such a result just makes all of the Ghost City go insane.
    Xu Fu has been stuck at the initial level of Precelestial for a very long time. If he couldn’t make a breakthrough, then his position as a Magistrate will become unstable.
    Even in his dreams, he wants to obtain one Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking.
    However, after everyone knows of the miraculous effects of this draught, when would it be his turn to get one?
    That’s why today, as soon as Xu Fu learned about Shi Lanling coming over-
    He decisively chose to offend that new Shenshu, running over to curry favor with Shi-xianzi.
    Even without the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking, he can obtain a Pill refined by Shi-xianzi, and also have a very big chance of advancing to the intermediate level of Precelestial.
    Currently, it seems that he has really made the correct bet.
    Everyone’s admiring and envious looks make Xu Fu more and more elated.
     Just then, there’s a sudden ‘bang’ from the doorway.
    “Xu Fu, was it? Have him come out. Say, what is the reason why won’t you provide the drug ingredients promised to my family’s Miss?”
    “Heh, don’t tell me that the Ghost City is filled with shameless people who go back on their word? To our surprise, you could still renege on the things that you have promised?”
    A change immediately comes over Xu Fu’s expression.
    Everyone’s line of sight falls on his face.
    Shi Lanling slightly frowns as well.
    Rui Zhu directly asks: “Magistrate Xu, what is this all about? Is Ghost City supervision now so relaxed, that it would let people come and casually disturb the room of my family’s Miss?”
    Xu Fu wipes the cold sweat on his forehead, and he stammers for a long time.
    In the end, he finally couldn’t stop himself, saying: “Reporting back to Shi-xianzi. The matter is in fact like this – actually, the drug ingredients that you want has originally been intended for our Ghost City’s newly named Shenshu-daren.”
    “Shenshu?” Shi Lanling is astonished, “I remember that the Ghost City hasn’t produced one for the past three hundred years, right?”
    Rui Zhu rudely says: “What Shenshu? It shouldn’t be a fraud who’s conning you by using the name of a Shenshu, right?”
    “What’s more, so what if it’s really a Shenshu? Could it be that he’s still more respected than my family’s Miss? Don’t tell me that he also has the nerve to fight over my Lady’s things?”
    Xu Fu quickly laughs and says: “Of course, that person couldn’t compare with Shi-xianzi. I will ask them to leave at once. Please don’t take offense, Shi-xianzi.”

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