EMHS – ch442

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Chapter 442: Going back on a deal
    This time, they have come to the Ghost City in order to purchase herbs, and not the arena.
    If they place the fat rabbit into the Beast Fighting Colosseum, then she’s afraid that Wangjiang’s Ghost City will follow the footsteps of the one in Xia’an, and be reduced into a sorry state by this menace.
    After Xu Fu left, Muyan stays in this private room for two hours.
    But Xu Fu still hasn’t returned, and the drug ingredients also hasn’t been delivered to them.
    Muyan’s patience is somewhat used up.
    Even if it needs time to prepare those ingredients, it’s impossible for there to be without any news in two hours.
    Ru Yan knows the mind of her Master, so she immediately goes out to inquire for news.
    As she comes back, her complexion is exceptionally unsightly, “Miss, that Magistrate Xu wants to go back on the deal, he doesn’t want to sell the drug ingredients to us.”
    Muyan knits her brows.
    Before she could speak however, Han Ye incredulously says: “Not willing to sell the herbs to Miss Jun, has the Ghost City eaten the courage from a leopard’s guts? I think they don’t want to stay in the Ghost City!”
    What kind of joke is this?
    They actually dare to offend the Mistress of Ghost City.
    Each and every one of them – are they tired of living?
    Han Ye looks at Di Ming Jue’s face. Although there’s no change in his expression, layers of chilling light has already appeared in his eyes.
    In his mind, Han Ye observes a moment of silence in tribute for that guy [Ghost Emperor Gu Yue].
    For not managing his subordinates properly, that guy is set to die a very terrible death.
    Muyan slightly narrows her eyes and says: “Why did they suddenly not want to sell the ingredients?”
    “They said that a noble guest has arrived, and is asking for a lot of rare herbs. There are quite a few ones that coincide with the herbs that you want, Miss. Magistrate Xu said that they must prioritize that noble guest first, and Miss, you can only feel wronged and wait for several days.”
    Ru Yan is also extremely unhappy. Ghost City had always been known as impartial, and true to their word.
    They have clearly made a promise, but they wouldn’t honor it. Wouldn’t this damage the Ghost City’s reputation?
    What’s more, Muyan holds the Shenshu token in her hand, her privilege is equal to that of a Ghost King.
    It is reasonable to say, that no matter which guest arrives, Muyan should have first-pick on everything.
    Han Ye pats the table and says: “Hehe, Miss Jun, we’ll now go out and see just who exactly is this noble guest, that they would actually dare to fight over your things!”
    At this moment, another private room in the Ghost City is filled with Magistrates and Ghost Envoys.
    In the middle of these people, there’s a seated woman wearing a pink dress, her face is covered by a mask.
    All the people around this woman look like they’re flattering her, fawning with the way they speak.
    This includes Xu Fu, who had just been fawning over Muyan just a while ago.
    “Shi-xianzi, I didn’t expect that you would actually honor my Wangjiang’s Ghost City with your presence. It is really the good fortune of our Ghost City, the good fortune of Wangjiang!”
    The woman in the center, surrounded and revered, is precisely Shi Lanling.
    Normally, she would be pleased with this fawning treatment, like all the stars cup themselves around the moon. It would naturally fill her vanity to bursting, carefree beyond words.
    Today however, the gloominess and worry on her face hasn’t dissipated.
    Even Rui Zhu, who is serving by her side, is also trembling with fear, like she’s extremely nervous about provoking the other’s anger.
    Unconsciously, her eyes steal a glance at Shi Lanling’s face.
    “Shi-xianzi, the herbs that you want are already prepared and ready. Only the Jade Muscle Flower and the Cold Snow Fruit need two days. But Shi-xianzi, you should rest assured that the people below would absolutely not dare to be negligent, knowing that these things are being prepared for you, ensuring that these things would be delivered to you as soon as possible.” Xu Fu stoops his fat body, an expression of fawning on his face as flattery comes out of his mouth.
    Shi Lanling’s expression eases up a little, and she glances towards Rui Zhu.
    Rui Zhu immediately understands, and she takes out a porcelain bottle, handing it over to Xu Fu.
    Xu Fu’s eyes suddenly brighten up.

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