EMHS – ch441

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Chapter 441: Want to eat, really want to eat
    The Ghost Envoy very quickly leads them to a private room.
    Soon, a small old fellow with a 八- shaped mustache walks inside with quick steps.
    “This one is Xu Fu, a Magistrate of Wangjiang’s Ghost City.”
    The short old man looks chubby, his smile is similar to a Buddha, but a strange light occasionally spills out of his narrow eyes.
    Nevertheless, it lets people know that not only does this man have an extremely profound cultivation, he also has an incomparably shrewd and deep thinking.
    “May I ask the Shenshu-daren’s intention for honoring my Wangjiang’s Ghost City with her presence?”
    Muyan doesn’t beat about the bush with him either.
    Feng Haitang directly hands Xu Fu the list of drug ingredients that Muyan has prepared, “Miss needs these rare herbs, how long would it take to have them prepared and ready?”
    Xu Fu respectfully takes the list of ingredients and sweeps a glance through it. His pupils slightly contract.
    But he quickly puts on a smiling expression, “Reporting to Shenshu-daren, eighty percent of the ingredients on this list is readily available, but these Green Dragon Ginseng, Jade Muscle Flower, and Cold Snow Fruit… there’s only a few on stock, and it might need two days to prepare.”
    “No matter, I’ll take how many you have first.” Muyan says indifferently, “I will stay in Wangjiang City for several days. After three days, I’ll have people come come and pick up the rest. As for the price, we’ll follow the rate of half of its market value in the Ghost City.”
    Hearing that, Xu Fu’s plump face immediately shows a happy smile.
    It must be known that a Shenshu’s authority is on an equal level with a Ghost King. For most of the things in the Ghost City, the Ghost King can directly take them all away without needing to pay for them.
    However, the amount of herbs that Muyan is asking for is really quite a lot. If they’re all given for free, the loss for Wangjiang’s Ghost City wouldn’t be small.
    But now that the Shenshu is willing to purchase these ingredients for half the price, it’s really a pleasant surprise.
    Xu Fu’s smile shows his teeth, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. Incredibly solicitously, “It will still need some time to prepare the herbs. Would Shenshu-daren have any interest in going to the Beast Fighting Colosseum and take a seat there? Several of the Strange Beasts today are very fierce and tough, the battle would surely be to your satisfaction, daren.”
    As soon as Xu Fu finishes speaking,
    The fat rabbit, which had just been nestling on Xiao Bao’s hug, suddenly gets up.
    It’s long ears flop about, and a hungry and insatiable ominous glint comes out from it’s mung bean eyes.
    It looks straight at Xu Fu, itching to pounce out and have him take it to the Beast Fighting Colosseum.
    It’s clearly just a fluffy fat rabbit.
    But the look on these mung bean makes Xu Fu jumps in fright, and he can’t help but take a step back.
    Right as he’s wondering exactly what this rabbit is, a very small hand smacks the rabbit on the head.
    An ice-cold childlike voice speaks, “Don’t cause trouble!”
   The fat rabbit hears its Little Master’s warning, and it promptly withers down.
    It obediently rests back once more, but from time to time, it still couldn’t help but stick out its tongue and lick.
    All the Strange Beasts here… want to eat them, really want to eat them!
    Standing behind Xiao Bao, Ru Yan chokes and is rendered speechless.
    Back then, a huge number of violent Strange Beasts also disappeared from Xia’an’s Ghost City.
    At that time, a lot of the Ghost Envoys and Magistrates even believed that it was the work of a ghost!
    So many of the Strange Beasts have inexplicably disappeared, even their bones.
    But now that she has followed by the Miss’ side for such a long time, if she still doesn’t know the truth, then she’s an idiot.
    Most likely, that group of Strange Beasts that disappeared back then, they went into this rabbit’s belly.
    More importantly, it’s clearly just a little thing, just how did it swallow down those huge beasts?
    Where does its food go?
    Or should she say that it’s really worthy of being the spiritual pet that the Miss and the Little Master are raising?
    It really stands out from the others.
    Muyan sends the fat rabbit a warning glance, then she smiles and says: “No need, we’ll just wait here.”

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