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Chapter 440: Shenshu-daren
    Muyan says: “You have to wait until I see your big brother so I can determine the specific condition. Anyway, I have a rough idea what the cause of his illness is. Before we go back, we have to make a trip to Jing Cheng’s Ghost City. If I’m going to refine the Elixir to treat your older brother, I still need to collect a few precious herbs.”
    As for Chi Yan’s Ghost City in Xia’an, oh… it has already been looted by her, more or less.
    She probably wouldn’t find any rare herbs from there.
    “Master, you’re so great! You can actually do alchemy! What Gong Qianxue, what Jian Feng – there’s simply no way that they can compare to Master!”
    Xiao Bao perks up, there’s adoration across his whole face: “Niangqin is the best!”
    Ineffably, Muyan is a bit unconfident.
    She promised to refine Elixirs for the Ink Camp, the Tianji Unit, and Lou Beiyu.
    But since the reconstruction of her spiritual veins, she still hasn’t attempted to do alchemy.
    Muyan faces the trustful and adoring gazes of her son and disciple, and she’s somewhat worried.
    If she happens to fail as before…
    Her dignity as a mother and a Master would certainly be lost.
    Jing Cheng Country, Wangjiang Ghost City.
    “These guests, if you want to enter the Ghost City, please pay two hundred gold coins first.”
    Muyan and her party are stopped by a Ghost Envoy at the entrance of the Ghost City.
    Hearing the words from Wangjiang’s Ghost Envoy, Ru Yan can only click her tongue, “The entrance fee for the Ghost City here is actually twice as expensive as the one in Xia’an.”
    The Ghost Envoy barring their way sees that the men in their party are unusually handsome, and the women are uniquely beautiful.
    How could he dare be negligent? From the beginning, a cordial smiling expression hangs on his face.
    Nevertheless, hearing what Ru Yan said, he can’t help but raise his chin and speak with quite some pride: “How could Xia’an’s Ghost City compare with our Wangjiang’s Ghost City? Whether it’s beasts or rare herbs, we have more than double of them here compared to Xia’an.”
    “Ladies and gentlemen, any treasures you want, any entertainment you enjoy, there’s nothing that you can’t get in our Wangjiang’s Ghost City.”
    Muyan smiles a bit, but she doesn’t put out some gold coins. Instead she directly takes out a token and presents it before that Ghost Envoy.
    The Ghost Envoy stares blankly at first, then he looks down at the token.
    As soon as he sees the word “Shenshu” written on it, his eyes immediately go wide.
    “You… you are the Ghost Lord’s newly conferred Shenshu-daren?!”
    The three major Ghost Cities have all received an order the His Highness, the Ghost Lord, saying that a new Shenshu is born.
    No matter which Ghost City the Shenshu appears at, she must be received well.
    If they dare to slight the Shenshu-daren and anger her, they should just forget about staying in the Ghost City.
    “Shenshu-daren, ple-please come inside!” that Ghost Envoy’s nervous voice comes out in a stutter, “This humble one will immediately ask a Magistrate to come and receive you.”
    They watch the Ghost Envoy’s appearance of respectfully leading the way forward.
    Muyan couldn’t help but raise her head to send Di Ming Jue a glance. With a smile that isn’t a smile, “Say, the Ghost Lord and I are total strangers, why would he give me such a precious Shenshu token?”
    Di Ming Jue’s expression doesn’t change, looking indifferent: “How could Ben Jun know? Maybe he thinks that you will become his future Mistress, so he’s currying favor with you in advance.”
    Muyan: “……” what the hell is this future Mistress all about?
    Before she could ask again however, Di Ming Jue is already picking Xiao Bao up with one hand, and gathers her with the other hand. They walk forwards.
    Xiao Bao’s large eyes keep looking around, filled with the curiosity and excitement that a four-year-old child should have.
    Yet there’s none of the tension from when he previously entered the Ghost City with Muyan.
    Perhaps in his heart, there is no danger to his mother when this lecher is around.
    Therefore, he can let his own nature out without any reservations.

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