EMHS – ch438

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Chapter 438: It can’t be him
    On account of this suspicion, she even indirectly asked Di Ming Jue whether or not he had come to the Yanwu Continent five years ago.
    But the answer that she received–
    The last time Di Ming Jue had come to the Yanwu Continent was several decades ago.
    At that time, Jun Muyan hasn’t even been born yet.
    Moreover, that day and night in the darkness, what that man had left her wasn’t a good memory at all.
    Even now that she’s no longer the weak, crying little girl from back then-
    An instinctual fear still wells up whenever she thinks of that burning, chaotic darkness.
    Muyan shakes her head, throwing these nonsensical thoughts to the back of her mind.
    How could Di Ming Jue be that man?
    Ru Yan must’ve made her go dizzy, and that’s why she could have this kind of thoughts.
    “Miss!” she hears Ru Yan’s voice by her ears, “The Third Price has woken up.”
    Muyan’s eyes light up, but she can’t help but let out a long sigh.
    Lou Beiyu is finally awake.
    Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu’s injures were quite severe.
    Even though the draught had pulled their lives out of danger, the injuries in their muscles, veins, and Qi Sea couldn’t be treated by medicine.
    As a result, Muyan had used the Shen Musician technique that she had just unlocked, [Realm of Stars].
    After the Tian Mo Qin had completed it’s repairs, her Spiritual Roots had been reconstructed.
    Her abilities as a Shen Musician has finally upgraded to level two.
    In addition to a few area attacks and group support skills getting their scopes expanded, like in [Echo Recovery] and [Sound Blades],
    She also obtained several new skills, and [Realm of Stars] is one of them.
    When using the Tian Mo Qin to play [Realm of Stars], nine stars will appear on her patients’ whole body, and slowly form an illusory realm.
    In this illusory realm, the patient will experience a chaotic dream.
    Whether it becomes a good dream or a nightmare, it’s entirely dependent upon the song Muyan plays.
    The dream can make a person indulge in an illusion, unconsciously healing the wounds on their bodies.
    The nightmare could make a person be in so much pain that they would wish for death, and the injuries they suffer within the illusion would all be reflected on their physical bodies.
    But the [Realm of Stars] has a very big drawback.
    That is, if the person immersed in the illusion doesn’t have a willpower that is strong enough, it is awfully probable that they will forever indulge in the illusion, not wanting to wake up.
    Bai Yichen’s vengeful heart is very determined, so he woke up very quickly.
    Of course, most of his injuries could only remain unhealed.
    Muyan originally wanted to use the [Realm of Stars] again, but he declined.
    Bai Yichen believes that when he’s this battered and bruised, looking like he narrowly escaped from death – he is unlikely to incur any suspicion when he approaches Jian Feng and Gong Qianxue.
    However, Lou Beiyu’s will hasn’t woken him up ever since he entered the Realm of Stars.
    Even though his injuries have almost completely healed already, so much so that his body has become stronger, as if he’s been reborn-
    Muyan had still been worried that he would never wake up.
    Today, it ultimately turns out that these worries are for naught.
    As he slowly opens his eyes, Lou Beiyu is a bit disoriented.
    Then the memories gradually come back into his mind.
    There are dreams, but also realities.
    In the end, the chaotic dream slowly fades away, replaced by the harsh reality.
    “Master–!! Scoundrels, you people are not allowed to touch my Master!!”
    Lou Beiyu suddenly sits up from the bed, his two hands flailing about.
    However, what enters his eyes isn’t the wedding that has been driving him into madness – but it is a clean and tidy room instead.
    This… what is going on?
    Wasn’t he just at the wedding, obstructing that wretched Jin Wang?
    Why is he suddenly here?
    Wait, isn’t his hand ruined?
    Aren’t the muscles and veins in his whole body damaged?
    Why doesn’t he feel even a little bit of soreness right now, but instead, he even feels unusually good and comfortably warm all over?

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