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Chapter 437: A debt of blood must be paid in blood
    “But… before the wedding could take place, that woman suddenly went on a rampage, kill… killing Jin Wang and everyone in the Wangfu.”
    “If Sir Bai hadn’t saved this apprentice, then I would also be dead by now.”
    Gong Qianxue and Jian Feng shift their line of sight towards Bai Yichen, and there’s a minute change in their expressions, “The Dustless Swordsman, Bai Yichen?”
    The leading young talent of Yanwu Continent who used to be as famous as Gong Qianxue… at this moment, his appearance is wretched beyond words, and his body’s Internal Force is almost gone. He evidently received a heavy injury.
    Qing Feng promptly says: “Yichen had been seriously hurt in order to save me. His Qi Sea was almost destroyed, his throat had almost been crushed as well. Now, he couldn’t even speak normally. Master, you must help Yichen, now he… he is probably the only one left who had seen that woman!”
    Gong Qianxue’s pupils suddenly contract, “Have you really seen the form of the Immortal… the true identity of the person who caused that Heavenly Vision?”
    Bai Yichen nods, opening his mouth to say two words with some difficulty, “I have.”
    His body is tottering, like it’s going to collapse at any moment.
    The light in Gong Qianxue’s eyes gets brighter and brighter, and there’s dense excitement and greed along with it.
    But the words that come out of her mouth is of pity and anxiousness, “Senior Brother! Sir Bai saved Qing Feng, so he is a benefactor of our Heavenly Road Sect. Senior Brother, you must save him, okay?”
    Jian Feng faintly smiles, and he looks at Gong Qianxue with eyes filled with adoration, “Rest assured, Junior Sister. Even though his injuries are very heavy, your Senior Brother will never allow  him to die. Sir Bai, would you please come with us, back to the Heavenly Road Sect? It’s the only place that has enough medicinal ingredients that can cure your wounds.”
    Bai Yichen shows a grateful expression and nods.
    Soon after, he lowers his eyes, and the corners of his mouth slowly curl up.
    His left hand is hidden beneath its sleeve, a bracelet patterned with blood-like veins is clutched in its palm.
    His silently murmurs in his mouth: “Sitong, don’t worry, I… could soon avenge you. Wait until I kill that woman, I will immediately go down to accompany…”
    As soon as the yearning for death rises up in his mind, Muyan’s words seem to echo in his ears, “Come back alive, and become the leader of my Taixu Division.”
    The deathly stillness and the madness in his eyes slowly recedes, finally changing into a cool-headed decisiveness that is without any regrets.
    In any case, he will have Gong Qianxue pay her debts in blood.
    From Huang Yao, the carriage slowly returns to Tianyuan City.
    When they went to the Jin Wangfu, they used a spirited horse at the gallop, so the speed of travel had been very fast.
    As they’re returning, Muyan feels that they’re not in a hurry, so she let the carriage move forwards in a leisurely pace.
    When they’re hungry or thirsty, they stop and rest.
    What surprises Muyan is the pair of big and small – who still didn’t see eye to eye, nor nose to nose before she left – now, they’re getting along with unexpected harmony.
    Especially as Xiao Bao can only stick to her before.
    No one could say anything to make Xiao Bao change his mind.
    But now, a word from Di Ming Jue, and Xiao Bao will promptly and obediently do as told, though it’s with some reluctance to leave her.
    Even Ru Yan and Feng Haitang are also beginning to be skeptical.
    “Miss, Xiao Bao is Jun Shang’s son, isn’t he?”
    The three of them together as a family, that picture is really too harmonious.
    Jun Muyan watches the two figures ahead, of the big one holding and leading the small one along. There’s a fleeting listlessness in her expression.
    Soon after, she has a bitter smile as she shakes her head, “Don’t be deluded, how is that possible?”
    Of course, she had also thought of this possibility.
    Xiao Bao had never been close to other people, but he’s willing to do so with Di Ming Jue.
    Xiao Bao’s eyes also so similar to Di Ming Jue’s

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