EMHS – ch434

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Chapter 434: Vague Premonition
    From the rough crackling voice that spills out of his mouth, Muyan couldn’t help but be moved by this man’s passion and determination.
    More than that, she knows that this is Bai Yichen’s genuine thoughts and resolution.
    If he doesn’t take revenge, he undoubtedly wouldn’t be placed in danger.
    But if he loses his enmity, that would be equal to him losing his goal, losing his reason to keep on living.
    “If you’ve really made up your mind, then I have a way to let you infiltrate the Heavenly Road Sect.”
    Bai Yichen’s dim eyes suddenly brighten, “What… way?”
    “Do you still remember that Qing Feng guy? He is Jian Feng’s apprentice.”
    Bai Yichen nods.
   “As long as Qing Feng brings you back to the Heavenly Road Sect, and tell Jian Feng and Gong Qianxue that you saved him – why don’t you guess whether or not Jian Feng and Gong Qianxue would receive you?”
   Bai Yichen gapes, “But why would Qing Feng…”
    Muyan couldn’t help but raise the corners of her lips, revealing a sly smile, “Qing Feng wanted to control and turn Xiao Bao into his puppet by using a Wuqi seed, but this resulted to him turning into Xiao Bao’s puppet instead. As time goes by, he would completely and thoroughly surrender to Xiao Bao, and obey Xiao Bao’s orders. Even Jian Feng would absolutely not be able to notice any peculiarities.”
    Bai Yichen’s eyes are opened so wide, and it’s only after quite a long time that he comes back to his senses.
    A long while later, he stands up, and slowly kneels towards Muyan, “Such great favor and kindness, Bai Yichen wouldn’t be able to repay it in this life, but I will work like an ox or a horse in the next life…”
    “I’ve never believed in the afterlife.” Muyan interrupts his rough voice that’s struggling to speak.
    Even if she was reborn, she still believes in seizing the present more than the illusory past life.
    “If you really think that you can’t repay what you owe me, then try hard to survive after you’ve finished your revenge.”
    Muyan continues: “I already have two major forces in my hands – the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit – but this is still incomplete. The Ink Camp the and Tianji Unit are currently independent from each other, and they couldn’t communicate effectively. I still need a [Taixu* Division] to become the link tying the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit together. But so far, I still haven’t found someone I can put in charge of the Taixu Division.”
  • great emptiness; the void
    “Bai Yichen, I hope that you can put your enemies against your blade, then survive and become the leader of the Taixu Division.”
    Bai Yichen is in a sort of daze as he kneels where he is, his hand holds the blood-veined bracelet Lin Sitong had left him.
    For a very long time, he doesn’t get up, he doesn’t move either.
    The young woman’s silvery but powerful and resonating voice seems echo again and again in his ears.
    Bai Yichen snaps his head up, only to find that Muyan’s figure has already disappeared from the room.
    He listlessly recalls Muyan’s words.
    “I hope that you can put your enemies against your blade, then survive and become the leader of the Taixu Division.”
    A light slowly grows brighter within his eyes.
    However, Bai Yichen didn’t know that the one who said these words really wasn’t going to leave intentionally.
    Instead, she just didn’t have the time to wait for Bai Yichen’s response.
    She’s lifted up by the collar, and directly carried up.
    In a flash, she finds herself thrown to a bed.
    “Di Ming Jue!” Muyan angrily says, “Do you think I’m a sack? Every time, if you’re not hoisting me up, you’re hurling me down!”
   She struggles to get up, but the man pulls her back. With her head down, she’s pressed over his lap.
    Muyan suddenly has a bad premonition in her mind, “Hey, what are you doing?!”
    Her entire body’s Mysterious Energy is running wildly. She wants to struggle and jump down.
    But the man’s fetter is as secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and moat of boiling water, preventing her from moving by even a tiny bit.
    Then, her vague premonition turns into reality.

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