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Chapter 433: To Involve Others
    Ru Yan raises her head, her glamorous face is filled with decisiveness, “We know that Miss would very much want to move against Jing Cheng’s Gong Qianxue, but you fear that we would be in danger, so you can only keep biding your time.”
    “But we follow you, Miss. We serve our Lady, and dedicate our lives to you – how can we let our Lady adjust to accommodate us!”
    Muyan knits her brows and says: “This is my personal grudge against Gong Qianxue and the Heavenly Road Sect, you don’t have to…”
    “Our Lady’s affairs are our business!” Ru Yan resolutely interrupts Muyan’s words, “Since Gong Qianxue is Miss’ enemy, then she is our enemy!”
    Yan Haotian also kneels down, silent but insistent.
    Feng Haitang softly says: “Miss, you have already given us too much.”
    Miraculous draughts, zither treatments, and advancements that everyone under the heaven yearns for even in their dreams – but these aren’t merely for the purpose of using them, these are also because she always cares about their safety.
    “This time, allow us to repay you.”
    The human heart is a living muscle.
    One could say that at first, the members of the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit only pledged their allegiance to Muyan and Xiao Bao simply in order to survive, or to seek profits.
    But slowly, their hearts thoroughly and completely stray from their original intentions.
    They long to follow and guard their Lady and the Little Master for a lifetime, they wish for this warm big household to never collapse and never fall apart.
    After quite a long time, Muyan slowly replies, “However, you have to wait a few more days. Wait for me to try and refine a batch of Elixirs. Everyone that will go out and do their assignments will carry it with them.”
    “Yes, Miss!” Ru Yan and the others instantly grin from ear to ear.
    They watch Muyan get up and leave, promptly bowing to see her off.
    However, just as Muyan’s figure disappears outside the door,
    Old Tao suddenly manages to react, “Hold on! Just now, did Miss just say… Elixir?! Not draught?!”
    All the people in the room immediately have their eyes go wide.
    “E-e-el-elixir?!! Could it be that the Lady could already do alchemy?!”
    After the meeting with Ru Yan, Yan Haotian and the others, Muyan originally wanted to go back and keep Xiao Bao company.
    But her mood has become somewhat restless because of those guys.
    So she makes a turn and arrives at Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen’s room.
    The two people’s lives have already been saved. But the aftermath is very serious.
    Especially Bai Yichen-
    Muyan has been able to save his shattered Qi Sea using draughts and acupuncture.
    But for his crushed throat – Muyan tried her best, but she still couldn’t make him recover as before.
    Bai Yichen’s voice was originally mild and smooth as jade, neither low nor high.
    Like the brush of a cool breeze, those who hear it would feel very comfortable.
    But now, it has become rough and crackling, like an old man at death’s door. It’s very unpleasant to hear.
    As Muyan enters the room, Bai Yichen is right in the middle of gently tracing the blood-red patterns on Lin Sitong’s jade bracelet.
    Hearing the movements, Bai Yichen lifts his head and shows a serene, gentle smile.
    Muyan feels somewhat dejected in her heart, “I am sorry. This time, I have compromised you.”
    Bai Yichen shakes his head with a smile. He hesitates for a moment, but still starts to talk: “As a matter of fact, it is I who have compromised you.”
    If she didn’t hold back because of his plans, Muyan would have taken care of the Jin Wangfu at an earlier time.
    She would never have had to let herself get caught up in danger.
    So if you really talk about one causing harm to the other, Muyan had only been compromised by him.
    His manner of speaking is very calm. Nevertheless, Muyan hears persistence and unswerving determination in his voice, “So, are you still planning to exact your vengeance?”
    Bai Yichen nods without the slightest hesitation.
    He slowly clenches the jade bracelet in his hand, “From the moment I knew that Sitong is dead, I’ve already lost my reason to keep on living. Right now, I’m still alive just for the purpose of avenging her.”

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