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Chapter 428: The Master and the Servant are Reversed
    “Now, come closer to me!”
    Upon hearing Qing Feng, Xiao Bao promptly walks towards him.
    “Little Master, you can’t go over there!” Han Ye reacts by reaching out his hand, wanting to pull Xiao Bao.
    But Xiao Bao nimbly dodges this.
    “Hahaha… do you see? He’s now my puppet, my slave. I am his Master, and I can control his life and death, and I can also trample him under my feet as I wish. If I were to die, he will only die in a more miserable way than me.”
    “You animal! You actually dare to lay your hands on our Little Master!!” Han Ye couldn’t bear it anymore, and he suddenly tries to attack Qing Feng.
    Qing Feng jumps in fright, and he shrieks loudly, “Kill me, and this little lowbreed will die along with me!!”
    Han Ye’s action stiffly halts midair.
    His oppressive gaze is firmly fixed on Qing Feng’s face.
    Qing Feng’s face, which has been distorted because of terror, once again reveals a ruthless and sinister smile.
    He turns towards Xiao Bao, “You, chop off his four limbs for me!”
    Qing Feng’s hand is pointing at Han Ye, his eyes are brimming with smugness and rancor.
    Han Ye really wishes he could chop up the man before his eyes into ten thousand pieces.
    Actually daring to exploit the Little Master, when the latter is only four years old.
    He nervously looks towards Xiao Bao.
    If the Little Master is really going to attack him, Han Ye would absolutely not resist – even if he gets seriously injured, and be forced to return to the Xiuxian Continent.
    Xiao Bao’s head is slightly hanging down.
    Due to the pain and the cold sweat dripping down, the neatly combed hair has become somewhat messy.
    The soft black hair hangs down, half-covering his handsome little face.
    His long eyelashes are like small fans, gently trembling, drooping down and hiding the unusual light in his eyes.
    It’s only when he hears Qing Feng’s order that he slowly raises his head.
    His big ice-blue gaze is clear and bright, without a sliver of confusion or despondency.
    But the iciness within them is just like an extremely deep and cold pool at the bottom of an abyss.
    Han Ye inexplicably shudders.
    Soon after, he hears Xiao Bao speak to Qing Feng: “Chop off the four limbs? That’s really a good idea. Why don’t you do it now?”
    Qing Feng stares blankly, then he suddenly frowns and roars: “I’m telling you to chop your subordinate’s limbs, what are you still dawdling for – I am your Master, don’t tell me you want to go against your Master’s command?”
    As he’s shouting, he operates his Internal Force to stimulate the Wuqi seed within his body.
    There’s a burst of heat in his Qi Sea, which is indeed a sign that the Wuqi seed has established a bond.
    Qing Feng immediately reveals a sinister smile.
    But then, he hears the child’s crisp but ice-cold voice in his ears, “Chop off your other foot!”
    That voice is certainly not heavy by any means, but it’s like rumbling thunder in his ears.
    Soon after, Qing Feng becomes aware that his own body isn’t under his control.
    Then his hand, which only had it’s bones broken, picks up a sword with great difficulty, and ruthlessly slashes down.
    Qing Feng’s only remaining leg is chopped off just below the crutch, and it goes flying out.
    His eyes widen in alarm, he couldn’t even feel the pain coming though. He looks at the expressionless Xiao Bao, and then at the sword in his own hand. Only shock, horror and despair remain on his face.
    “Why? Why are you not under the control of the Wuqi seed?!”
    Not only is Xiao Bao not under the Wuqi seed’s control, the control of its Mother Gu had even been reversed – how is this possible?!
    For the Wuqi seed’s order of Master and Servant to be switched-
    Unless, unless, this young boy’s physique, flesh, and bones are better than his by countless levels.
     Like a human and an insect – even if the insect has the Wuqi seed’s Mother Gu in its body, there’s absolutely no way that it could control a human.

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