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Chapter 427: Puppet
    It’s as of her heart is being constricted, she couldn’t breath from the pain.
    “Hahaha…” Qing Feng’s laughs becomes more and more savage, “I gave Li Jinting a Wuqi seed, but he didn’t know that it was only a weakened version. The Wuqi seed in my hand is the most powerful kind – even a person with a Precelestial cultivation would be completely unable to resist against this Wuqi seed.”
    Qing Feng says that as he takes out an Elixir and pours it into his mouth. The wounds on his hand and foot immediately stop bleeding.
    As long as he keeps his life, he has the hope of turning the tables.
    Qing Feng continues to say: “I’ve already taken the Wuqi seed earlier. When that little lowbreed cut off my arm… cough, cough… I deli-deliberately had my blood splash his face. Sure enough, some of it splattered into his mouth. Now, he’s already my puppet.”
    “So long as I will it, he’ll live if I let him live; if I want him to die, then he will die!”
    “If you dare to kill me, I will have him be buried next to me, hahahaha!”
    Qing Feng’s laughter is incredibly insolent and arrogant – but Muyan, Han Ye and Ying Mei really, truly have no room to advance or to retreat.
    If this person is telling the truth, then one can say that he’s holding Xiao Bao’s life in his hands.
   Muyan hates it the most when she’s being threatened, but right now, she’s being threatened with Xiao Bao’s life.
    Even if she hates it, she can only bear with it.
    For her, Xiao Bao is everything.
    “You, what do you want?”
    Hearing Muyan’s resigned voice, even if Qing Feng is feeling unbearable pain because of severed limbs, he can’t help but face upwards and laugh.
    “You want your little lowbreed to live? Hehe, then first, come over and reconnect my hand and foot for me.”
    “Aren’t you known as the Enchantress of Medicine, with medical skills that is peerless under the heavens? Merely reconnecting a severed hand and foot shouldn’t be a problem, right? If you can’t do it, then don’t blame me if I also cut off an arm and a leg from that little lowbreed of yours.”
   There’s not the slightest bit of expression on Muyan’s face, and the depths of her eyes is a glacial forest, like ten-thousand-year old ice.
    Looking at her face, Qing Feng unconsciously shudders.
    The instinctive fear is making his body shiver.
    But remembering that he’s holding Xiao Bao’s life in his hands, he becomes insolent again, “What are you still dawdling for? Why won’t you hurry and fix my hand for me yet?”
    Muyan takes a deep breath, just about to go over.
    Suddenly, she hears a feeble voice from behind her, “Niangqin…”
    Muyan immediately looks back, and sees that Xiao Bao has already gotten up from Di Ming Jue’s arms.
    His small face is still very pale, but the pained expression on it has already disappeared, and his body is no longer shaking.
    Di Ming Jue’s expression has already returned to normal.
    He also stands up and goes next to Muyan, holding her cold and trembling form.
    Muyan wants to go and pick up Xiao Bao, but Di Ming Jue places her in his embrace, “Don’t worry, Ben Jun is here. How could I still allow our son to have a mishap?”
    The man’s lowered voice is low, deep, and chilly – but it is oddly reassuring.
    Muyan lifts her head up towards him.
    Those pair of peach blossom eyes that have always been lazy and beguiling are rippling with threads of helplessness and confusion at this moment. The young woman who had always been strong and heedless is made to have a touch of frailness and pathos.
    Di Ming Jue tightens his embrace, and his voice becomes even gentler, “Don’t be afraid. Believe me, I won’t let Xiao Bao come to harm.”
    Strangely, Muyan’s heart calms down a little.
    At Qing Feng’s side, he sees Xiao Bao stand up. He stares blankly at first.
    Then he seems to think of something, and bursts into loud laughter: “Apparently, the Wuqi seed has thoroughly been assimilated into your flesh and blood already. Right now, you’ve completely become my puppet.”

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