EMHS – ch426

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Chapter 426: Niangqin, it hurts
   His hand loosens, and the knife falls down to the floor with a clatter. He couldn’t bear it anymore, as he lets out a tragic howl akin to a dying pig’s.
    Han Ye clicks his tongue twice: “This guy isn’t any better than that bullcrap Wangye at all. The Little Master merely broke his wrist, and he’s already bawling like this!”
    Qing Feng holds his broken wrist, rigidly staring at Xiao Bao like he’s looking at a monster.
    This… is clearly a four-year-old child!
    But the Internal Force that had just passed through him was so strong, he couldn’t resist it at all.
    In this world, how could there be such a child?
    Xiao Bao bends down to pick the dagger from the floor, turning it in his hand. Coldly looking at Qing Feng, “Want to kill me? With just you?”
    As soon as he says the final word “you”, the blade flashes.
    Qing Feng immediately produces another screech; the other hand that Xiao Bao didn’t crush goes flying to the air, blood splashing everywhere.
    Some of the blood even splatter on Xiao Bao’s body, on his face, and even on his lips.
    Qing Feng couldn’t bear it anymore, and he tumbles to the floor. The hand that had been cut off keeps rolling, blood gushing out. He lets out an anguished wail.
    Muyan pulls Xiao Bao to her side.
    She gently wipes off the blood from his face, then she takes out clean clothes from the Space for him to change into.
    Obvious displeasure hangs on her normally carefree face, “Xiao Bao, you’re only four, you should let niangqin do things like killing people. Not only that, even if you want to go ahead and take revenge, you shouldn’t let the blood get on your body, okay?”
    Xiao Bao obediently acknowledges his mistake, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao will be more careful when killing bad people in the future. I won’t dirty my clothes.”
    The surrounding guests tremble as they watch: You guys, is this a conversation that a mother and her four-year-old child should have?
   “Ha… haha… hahaha…” all of a sudden, they hear Qing Feng’s disjointed laughter from the floor.
    Everyone jumps in fright from this laughter, wondering if Qing Feng has gone insane because of extreme fear and pain.
    Only Di Ming Jue slightly furrows his brows, and quickly makes his way to Xiao Bao’s side.
    Grabbing Xiao Bao’s small wrists, he puts some power to examine the other. His expression suddenly changes.
    At this moment, Qing Feng is already covering his cut arm. Sitting up, his face is filled with bitter resentment and frenzy.
    They see a red gleam in his eyes, and Xiao Bao immediately frowns. Large beads of sweat roll down from his forehead.
    A low groan spills out from his mouth.
    “Xiao Bao!” Muyan jumps in fright, immediately trying to use her Mysterious Energy to examine Xiao Bao’s situation.
    But she’s stopped by Di Ming Jue, “You can’t touch him right now. Otherwise, two forces will oppose with each other, and they will injure Xiao Bao’s meridians.”
    “What’s happening to Xiao Bao?!” Muyan could no longer maintain her normal calm and composure, her voice trembling.
    Xiao Bao couldn’t support himself anymore. He falls into her embrace and grabs her sleeves. In a low, weak voice, “Niangqin, it hurts…”
    Muyan opens her mouth, wanting to say something; but the color drains from her lips, trembling, only letting out a very small sound.
    She suddenly stands up, and summons a long sword in her hands. She ruthlessly nails the laughing Qing Feng to the floor: “Speak, what did you do?”
    Qing Feng screams once again. He wants to resist, but Han Ye’s sword flashes, directly chopping down the foot that Qing Feng is kicking with.
    “Aaah… you… you people cannot kill me. If you kill me, that… that little lowbreed won’t live either!”
    “You, whatever pain you people would inflict on me, that little lowbreed will taste the same pain, hahahaha!”
    Muyan immediately turns her head, and looks at Xiao Bao in Di Ming Jue’s arms. He’s filled with cold sweat, his small form incessantly twitching.

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