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Chapter 425: Xiao Bao as hostage
    “You… do you guys know what you’re doing? I am a disciple of the Heavenly Road Sect – if you offend my sect, you people would no longer be able to stand in the Yanwu Continent! You… you better not mess around!”
    Han Ye reveals a dark, meaningful smile. He slowly raps the sword on the hollow of his palm, walking towards Qing Feng one step at a time.
    Even Jin Wang, who was at the Precelestial realm, completely lacked the power to fight back against these two individuals.
    What more for Qing Feng?
    His face is twisted from extreme fear, then his gaze sweeps over to Xiao Bao at the side.
    He suddenly turns malevolent and vicious.
    Before Han Ye and Ying Mei could react, Qing Feng suddenly rushes up.
    He grabs Xiao Bao.
    There’s a cold glint in Qing Feng’s hand, and a knife appears in his grasp. He holds it across Xiao Bao’s neck.
     “Don’t come closer – if you guys dare to come over, I’ll kill this small child!!”
    Sure enough, Han Ye and Ying Mei stop on their tracks.
    But their faces aren’t showing any nervousness. Instead, they condescendingly look down on him, their eyes filled with pity and disdain.
    For no reason, Qing Feng’s heart gives rise to a sliver of panic.
    The hand holding the knife moves closer to Xiao Bao’s neck: “I’m not kidding around with you. If you guys dare to act rashly, I’ll immediately cut off this little lowbreed’s neck.”
    “Who are you calling… little lowbreed?” a crisp, sweet-sounding voice of a woman suddenly speaks up.
    Qing Feng whips his head around and sees Muyan – who had still been treating Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu just a moment ago – briskly stand up.
    Long jet-black hair drapes behind her, and the fiery wedding dress contrasts with her snow-like complexion.
    Her pair of peach blossom eyes glimmer like rippling water reflecting the sunlight, as if narrowing but not, with a subtly sweet charm, and appearing more and more like a lovely girl made by heaven – absolutely peerless.
    However, as Qing Feng confronts such a face, he doesn’t feel the slightest confusion or befuddlement. On the contrary, a shiver of fear runs up his spine.
    He watches the girl step down in those delicate, red embroidered shoes. She walks towards him one step at a time.
    The beads of sweat on Qing Feng’s forehead drip down, and the the hand holding the knife trembles.
    “You, don’t come closer… this little lowbreed is… is your son, right? If he dies, you’d definitely be very sad! So you better know your place, and make them step aside, and let me go free…”
    Muyan’s eyes are chilling, but the corners of her mouth pick up with a hook. There’s a trace of a cold mocking smile.
    “Really? You want to kill my son? You… can try!”
    Qing Feng sees that Muyan’s pace doesn’t even pause by a step. Once again, he doesn’t have a way to retreat.
    His face finally shows malevolence, “This is what you’re forcing me to do! If I’m going to die, I also want to make this little lowbreed to pay me with his life!!”
    He immediately exerts force on the hand with the knife.
    Ruthlessly cutting down on Xiao Bao’s frail, snow white neck.
    The fear in his eyes has already changed into cruel madness.
    His mind fills up with this fragile little life, its head severed from its body by his own hands, and how Muyan would look as she goes crazy from the pain.
    However, his hand ruthlessly cuts down, but the expected scene – of the sharp blade going through flesh, and blood flying about in all directions – doesn’t appear.
    Qing Feng’s hand seems to be restricted by something. It has rigidly stopped midair, unable to advance or withdraw by even a little bit.
    What’s restraining his hand is a chubby, fair, and tender little hand that can only grasp half of his wrist.
   Qing Feng goes stiff from head to foot. He slowly lowers his head.
   Then he meets Xiao Bao’s ice-blue pupils, and his refined delicate features.
    A mocking sneer slowly stretches out on his handsome little face.
    Immediately after that, the small soft hand suddenly tightens its grip.
    Hearing a cracking sound, Qing Feng feels a severe pain from his wrist.

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