EMHS – ch424

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Chapter 424: Miss’ hate
    Jin Wang even asked his Master for a drug that could control a person.
    The more Qing Feng contemplates about it, the more he thinks that his guess is correct.
    As long as he reports this news to his Master, Master would probably be very happy.
    Qing Feng holds his breath and concentrates his Internal Force on the soles of his feet, preparing to leave silently.
    However, he has just taken a step-
    Then a gust of wind suddenly sweeps past.
    It’s followed by a huge stifling pain bursting from his chest. 
    In a instant, the entire person is forced to soar into the air, flying out dozens of meters back inside.
    He only hears a loud explosive sound, and the window he had just jumped out of – it has been smashed into pieces.
    Qing Feng’s ribs are also broken in several places, and in the end, he heavily drops down to the ground, spurting out blood.
    From outside, Ying Mei unhurriedly walks over. Towering as she looks down on Qing Feng, who is lying and groaning on the ground, she sneers: “Jun Shang and Miss didn’t say that you can go, but you actually have the guts to sneak away?”
    In the banqueting hall, each and every one of the guests who originally wanted to sneak away are ashen-faced, close to fainting.
    Fortunately, fortunately they still haven’t put their plans into action.
    Otherwise, they’d be the ones lying on ground and throwing up blood right now.
    “We… we only accepted Jin Wang’s invitation to come and take part in the wedding ceremony, we really didn’t know anything!”
    “Wuuu, spare us, spare use!”
    “I am the Seventh Prince of Huang Yao, just who are you people? If you touch me, you guys will absolutely not have a good end!”
    Waves of pleading and threats occasionally rise and fall.
    However, Han Ye and Ying Mei turn a deaf ear to them, without the slightest change in their expressions.
    Ying Mei will only draw her sword when someone wants to run away.
    These people are scared out of their minds, that perhaps their lives would be handed over into these demons’ palms.
    Qing Feng coughs up foamy blood, and he very fiercely glares at Ying Mei and Han Ye.
    “Do you people know who I am? I am a disciple of the Heavenly Road Sect, and my Master is Jian Feng. You guys dare to raise your hand against me, don’t you know what the consequences will be?”
    Heavenly Road Sect? Jian Feng?
    What trifles are those?
    Han Ye and Ying Mei still don’t have the any change in their expressions.
    Although they don’t normally show it off, they still came from the Xiuxian Continent.
    Aside from Miss Jun and the Little Master, everyone else on the Yanwu Continent is no different from the likes of mole cricket and ants.
    What Huang Yao Royal Family, what Heavenly Road Sect – there’s no way they would attach any importance to those.
    But when Xiao Bao heard Qing Feng’s words, he suddenly stands up.
    “You’re someone from the Heavenly Road Sect?”
    Qing Feng looks at Xiao Bao, and shows a proud smiling expression, “That’s right. I am a disciple of the Heavenly Road Sect’s Alchemy Master, Jian Feng.”
    “Little Gongzi, you know the people of Heavenly Road Sect?” Han Ye asks with a blinding smile.
    Xiao Bao unhurriedly walks until he’s in front of Qing Feng. Slowly shaking his head, “I don’t. But I know that niangqin really dislikes the Heavenly Road Sect’s people, and she hates that guy called Jian Feng even more.”
    Even though Muyan rarely talks about things that she hates when it’s in Xiao Bao’s presence, 
    Xiao Bao is the most sensitive to Muyan’s emotions. There’s no way he wouldn’t notice his mother’s hatred for the Heavenly Road Sect, Gong Qianxue, and Jian Feng.
    “Oh, since it’s something that Miss dislikes, then just kill it!” Ying Mei says.
    Han Ye strokes his chin, “Since Miss dislikes him, straight up killing him would be too light. It would be better to break all his teeth and bones like Jin Wang, and see if his bones are harder than the other guy’s.”
    “All right, do it like that!” Ying Mei nods.
    Qing Feng’s originally arrogant look immediately becomes frenetic and frightened.

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