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Chapter 423: Idiot
    The only thing she has to do now, the only thing she can do, is to fight minutes and snatch seconds to wrangle them back from the hands of the grim reaper.
    And to keep their futures intact.
    With each prick of the silver needles, Muyan seems to have entered a mysterious state.
    In the wedding hall of Jin Wangfu, there are still a lot of people who are shaking, and scared out of their minds.
    Xiao Bao and Di Ming Jue are tensed and concerned about her safety.
    Tormented and desperate gasps continuously come out from the mush-like body of Jin Wang.
    However, Muyan seems to have forgotten about all of these, and the only things that remain in her eyes are the silver needles in her hands, and the two patients.
    Unconsciously, the tip of the needle is slowly covered by a layer of silver light.
    That radiance is invisible to ordinary people.
    But as soon as Ying Mei and Han Ye turn their heads, and see that glow on the needle, they’re so startled that their chins almost hit the floor.
    T-th-that… isn’t that Spiritual Power?!
    But isn’t this on the Yanwu Continent?
    How can someone use Spiritual Power?!
    Even they have to transform their Spiritual Power into an energy that fits in the Yanwu Continent, only then could they use it.
    This also suppresses their strength to the lowest level in this Continent, not even reaching one percent of the original.
    But how is Miss Jun able to use it?
    Although it’s only a little bit, that’s indeed genuine Spiritual Power!
    Wait, wait! Since when did Miss Jun have Spiritual Power?
    Is it that… that the Nine Luminaries and the Moon, the Rivalry Between the Moon and the Stars – that was really caused by Miss Jun?
    She reconstructed her Spiritual Root in the Yanwu Continent, moreover, it’s the Moon Root that has never appeared for thousands of years, the only one that can match with Jun Shang’s?!
    Han Ye whips his head around to look towards Di Ming Jue. He couldn’t help but cry out, “Jun Shang…”
    However, his voice suddenly comes to a stop.
    The astonishment on his face is slowly replaced by a strange, complicated disillusionment.
    Not far away, he sees their Jun Shang holding the Little Master.
    Two pairs of eyes are unblinkingly staring at Muyan, who’s in the middle of placing the needles. This two sets of eyes practically have the exact same beautiful bright blue pupils, even the emotions blooming within them are all exactly the same.
    Infatuation and pride!
    Xiao Bao: Sure enough, niangqin really is omnipotent! Niangqin is really an invincible beauty!
    Jun Shang: The woman that Ben Jun has chosen is naturally amazing! Yanyan is really so enticing!
    Han Ye: “…”
    He feels that he could read and understand the thoughts of this pair of big and small.
    But Jun Shang, you are the Master of the Polar Domain, the Di Jun that everyone in the entire Xiuxian Continent reveres and dreads – to show such an idiotic expression is really something!
    At her side, since Muyan wants to get the right timing and is anxiously giving medical treatment to Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen, she is completely immersed in her own world.
    On another side, Qing Feng has already retreated to a corner. Taking advantage of the people’s distraction, he suddenly turns over and flips to go out from the window.
    After perceiving that he hasn’t been noticed, Qing Feng immediately lets out a sigh of relief.
    Then his gaze becomes incomparably dark.
    The Martial Uncle that possesses a cultivation of Precelestial has actually been killed by them.
    Just who are those people?
    Furthermore, what about Jun Muyan having such formidable medical skills?
    Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu were clearly hopeless. But in spite of everything, they only took a bottle of draught and a few pricks of the needle, and then they recovered their vitality.
    He had also been in this city last night, and he saw the Heavenly Vision of the Nine Luminaries and the Moon as well.
    At that time, he thought that the Vision was brightest over the Jin Wangfu.
    Could it be that the person who caused that Vision is precisely Jun Muyan?
    Is that the reason why Jin Wang didn’t hesitate to take an unconscious person to the wedding, wanting to force a marriage?

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