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Chapter 419: Misunderstanding
    Han Ye takes the head of the last black-clothed guard, and throws it in front of Jin Wang. He’s all smiles as he says: “This Wangye, I wonder if this way of ‘cutting into ten thousand pieces’ is to your satisfaction?”
    All of the guests simply turn from alarm to terror because of this sudden turn of events.
    The ones who are timid directly go down under the tables.
    Some of them are incessantly shouting: “I just came here to attend the wedding, this has nothing to do with me. I’m not a person of the Jin Wangfu, don’t kill me!”
    Even Qing Feng has a deathly pale complexion. He stealthily makes his way to a corner to hide, hoping he could take advantage of the commotion and escape outside.
    Jin Wang’s eyes are bulging out, stiffly staring ahead at the corpses that have piled up into a mountain.
    He opens his mouth to say: “You… just who… just who exactly are you people… ka ka… a-and… and what grudge do you have against my Jin Wangfu? Ka ka… why would you use such a poisonous hand?!”
    As he’s speaking, Jin Wang found that his teeth couldn’t stop clattering.
    His legs are also trembling uncontrollably.
    That’s because the moment he sees Han Ye and Ying Mei go about their task, he has become clearly aware that it’s absolutely impossible for him to match up against these people.
    What’s more, that dreadful man holding Jun Muyan still hasn’t made his move.
    Since he doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning, then he can only show weakness.
    As long as he keeps his life, there is future and hope.
    Han Ye sneers and says: “What grudge? This hatred and desire for revenge is quite great! You snatched our Jun Shang’s fiancée, and you still have to ask what the grudge and complaint is?”
    Sure enough, it’s Jun Muyan’s male adulterer!
    Jin Wang grits his teeth, and he forces out a smile on his face, “Ben Wang, at first, Ben Wang didn’t know that Muyan… no, Miss Jun is your fiancée. Otherwise, this humble one wouldn’t rob you of your loved one.”
    “However, Ben Wang swears that I’ve absolutely never touched Miss Jun. As Miss Jun stayed here, Ben Wang also treated her with proper respect. I never even dared force her or disrespect her in the slightest.”
    “Now, knowing that all of this is merely a misunderstanding, why don’t we uncover the matter from here on out?”
    Jin Wang still hasn’t finished saying his fawning words.
    Suddenly, Xiao Bao seems to have seen something, and he abruptly rushes out from Di Ming Jue’s hold.
    “Lou Beiyu!!”
    “Uncle Rabbit Lantern!!”
    Very small hands tremble, wanting to touch them, but not daring to do so.
    One might say that the two people before him could no longer be described as human-shaped.
    Be it Lou Beiyu or Bai Yichen, they’re completely drenched in blood. Not a single inch of skin in their entire body is in good condition.
    Bai Yichen in particular – the wound on his abdomen is still bleeding nonstop.
    The meridians in his whole body is absolutely empty, without even a little bit of Internal Force.
    He was the most dazzling young talent in the Yanwu Continent. But right now, he has become a cripple that could no longer cultivate.
    Xiao Bao abruptly raises his head, fiercely glaring at Jin Wang, “Are you the one who harmed Junior Brother and Uncle Rabbit Lantern to become like this?!”
    The one before him is clearly just a four-year-old child.
    Yet Jin Wang feels an indescribable unease in his heart.
    Especially as he sees Han Ye and Ying Mei slowly moving forward, swords grasped in their hands.
    “I… Ben Wang merely saw them fooling around with Muyan, their relationship is too intimate. I only injured them because of jealousy.”
    “Tha… that’s right, it’s like this. Today’s wedding, we’re holding the wedding ceremony only because Muyan herself said that she wants to marry Ben Wang. I really didn’t know that she has a fiancé!”
    Jin Wang looks at Di Ming Jue, with deviousness and fawning, “I don’t know who you are, sire, but this Jun Muyan isn’t a simple woman. After she arrived at the Jin Wangfu, she fooled around with quite a few men. It’s precisely these two who lying on the ground.”

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