EMHS – ch414

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Chapter 414: Betrayal?
    The girl in red clothes is standing still.
    Both of her eyes are closed, similar to a doll, lifeless but exquisite and perfect.
    And when those closed eyes are open, they gleam like rippling water under the sunlight, capable of stealing the souls of all the men under the heaven.
    This is truly an extraordinarily beautiful woman, there’s no man in the world who wouldn’t be attracted or moved by her.
    And such a beauty will soon belong to Li Jinting, his own pet that he could wantonly toy with.
    A cold sword energy, a flash of light. It almost makes a streak across Jin Wang’s face.
    His complexion immediately changes. Abruptly falling back, he dodges.
    He stares at the white-clothed figure standing in front of Muyan, Jin Wang frowns, and he coldly says: “Bai Yichen, what are you doing?”
    The one who has just drawn out his sword is precisely Bai Yichen.
    And at this very moment, he’s firmly guarding in front of Muyan.
    His long sword is pointed towards Jin Wang. With a serene expression and a straight back, he is motionless.
    “Bai Yichen, Ben Wang naturally knows that I haven’t been ungenerous to you. In spite of everything, you want to betray Ben Wang for a woman today?”
    Bai Yichen faintly says: “Muyan had given me a kindness. It would be impossible for me to watch her die without helping.”
    “What about your fiancée’s enemy? Don’t you want to avenge her?”
    Jin Wang narrows his eyes, abruptly drawing out, “Don’t you want to use Ben Wang as a springboard, sneak into the Heavenly Road Sect, and interact with your enemy?”
    Bai Yichen’s pupils immediately contract, “You knew? You already knew?”
    “Haha, I’ve always been a mistrustful man. The most unreliable thing is that which had been delivered to one’s door. Ben Wang had previously tried to recruit you, and you refused. When you suddenly sent yourself to my door, it’s only natural that Ben Wang would carefully investigate.”
    “From this investigation, I came to know of lot of surprising things. Ben Wang felt that it was very interesting, so I’ve kept you by my side. However, your behavior today disappoints Ben Wang so much.”
    Bai Yichen faintly furrows his brows, the feeling of apprehension deepens in his heart.
    This is really a man of profound strength and incomparably deep schemes.
    Bai Yichen wanted to make use of him to get closer to Gong Qianxue, and take revenge on her. He didn’t want to make use of Bai Yichen.
    “Why don’t I give you another chance.” Jin Wang shows a demonic smile, “As long as you step aside, obediently join the guests, and enjoy the wedding between Ben Wang and Muyan – Ben Wang promises to give you an opportunity to enter the Heavenly Road Sect.”
    Stepping forward, he gets closer to Bai Yichen’s ear. He lowers his voice so Qing Feng couldn’t hear.
    “Ben Wang could even promise to let you get close to that little junior sister of mine, Gong Qianxue. I’ll let you have the chance to take your revenge. What do you think? You’ve been hiding for so long, not even hesitating to be a dog by Ben Wang’s side – isn’t this all to avenge your fiancée?”
    “Don’t tell me that you’re giving up revenge for Muyan, a woman who’s completely unrelated to you? Or maybe, you’ve already had a change of affection and redirected your love, forgetting your fiancée that died tragically.”
    The sword in Bai Yichen’s hand slowly goes down.
    Upon seeing this, Jin Wang can’t help but laugh out loud.
    Passing him, he’s about to feed his blood to Muyan, the blood that has the Wuqi seed in it.
    However, as soon as he extends his hand-
    There’s a flash from a sword, and a hole splits open on the red groom’s robe on Jin Wang.
    A sword wound appears on his arm.
    Bai Yichen places Muyan behind him, and he coldly stares at Jin Wang.
    “I want revenge, but I would never want to change into a cold-blooded monster that Sitong wouldn’t be able to recognize.”
    “Today, if I turn into an animal that forgets favors and violates justice, all in order to achieve my aim; in the future, when my enemy is at the edge of the blade, I will fall into Hell. How would I have the gall to go and face Sitong then!”

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