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Chapter 411: One-man act
    Hearing everyone’s wagging tongues, Jin Wang isn’t annoyed at all.
    He softly clears his throat, and waits for everyone to settle down. Only then does he slowly say: “The Wangfei that Ben Wang is marrying today is named Jun Muyan, from the Country of Chi Yan.”
    “Chi Yan? How could a woman from such a small country be worthy of Wangye?”
    “Wait, Jun Muyan? Why do I feel that this name sounds a bit familiar?”
    “Ah! Isn’t that the Enchantress of Medicine, the one who’s currently under the spotlight in Chi Yan’s Tianyuan City?”
    “Enchantress of Medicine?”
    “Don’t tell me you don’t even know the Enchantress of Medicine? That’s a godly doctor who can regrow dead flesh and bones! I hear that she won’t be outdone by the godly doctor Qian Qing, but she’s still a girl with a beautiful appearance. One can say that she has boundless prospects.”
    “Ah! Then it’s no wonder that Jin Wang would want to marry a female commoner from a small country!”
    Hearing everyone’s envious voices, the smiling expression on Jin Wang’s face becomes even more complacent.
    He brushes his robes, slowly saying: “Muyan isn’t only a doctor, she’s also an apothecary. The Philter of Barrier Breaking, currently valued at ten million gold coins in the Ghost City, is also refined by her.”
    Hearing Jin Wang’s words, the entire place erupts.
    Qing Feng himself also shows a look of astonishment, suddenly turning towards the still-unconscious Muyan.
    That Philter of Barrier Breaking is actually refined by this woman that Teacher is marrying.
    It must be known that after his Master Jian Feng has gotten hold of that Philter, it made him exclaim in astonishment.
    Even if it’s not a Pill or an Elixir, the value of the Philter of Barrier Breaking absolutely couldn’t be compared to ordinary Draughts.
   Jin Wang’s gaze sweeps over everyone’s shocked and heated faces, eventually falling on Muyan’s features. His eyes are filled with a scorching excitement.
    These people only know of Jun Muyan’s superficial value.
    The Enchantress of Medicine and a Godly Apothecary.
    If they knew that the Vision from yesterday had also been caused by Muyan, how frantic would these people be?
    And this Jun Muyan is about to become his woman.
    “And as for why Muyan is sleeping in this joyous day-!” Jin Wang shows a look of unashamed infatuation, and he continues saying, “It’s naturally because she previously used herself to test a medicine. Its effects hasn’t passed, so she still hasn’t regained consciousness.”
    “However, Ben Wang and Muyan are each other’s sunshine, and we’ve already agreed to celebrate the wedding today. Ben Wang doesn’t want to disappoint Muyan, so the wedding hasn’t been postponed. After today, surely Muyan would be able to wake up;  even if there’s a problem from the draught, and Muyan really won’t come to, Ben Wang’s heart for her will not change.”
    Everyone present seems to be moved by Jin Wang’s deep love.
    Only Lou Beiyu, who is sitting at the head table of the bride’s side – though his body is immobile, and his mouth is unable to speak – his eyes are rigidly glaring at this nauseating man.
    It appears like he wants to tear off a chunk of meat from the man’s body.
    Right now, Lou Beiyu has already changed out of his bloodstained clothes, and has been put into gorgeous festive robes.
    But both of his hands are powerlessly hanging down, his face is deathly pale. Even if there’s a faintly discernible vigor in his eyes, it seems as if he would pass out at any time.
    Large beads of sweat dribble down his forehead. The acute pain from the broken bones on his hands is absolutely unbearable for ordinary people.
    But it’s as if Lou Beiyu has already forgotten about his pain.
    He’s simply glaring fiercely at Jin Wangye who’s about to go through the marriage rites with Muyan. Lou Beiyu’s eyes get a little red.
   Master… Master! All for the purpose of saving him, Master had been threatened by Jin Wang.
   And now, she could only fall into such a plight.
    Why, why is he so useless?
    In the past, Lou Beiyu felt that he didn’t like cultivating, and it wasn’t a big deal.
    He felt very happy, as long as he could paint every day.

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