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Chapter 409: Warning
    One of them even laughs and says: “Nie-daren’s vision is really good. Since it’s someone that Nie-daren fancies, then the men in the Residence naturally wouldn’t dare vie for her. In all likelihood, after Wangye is tired of playing with her, he would certainly give her to Nie-daren.”
    Nie Zheng’s eyes are burning brightly, he looks excited and greedy.
    His hand slowly stretches out towards Muyan’s clothes.
    However, his fingertips have yet to touch that smoother-and-softer-than-tofu skin, when a white light suddenly flashes before his eyes.
    Nie Zheng is caught off guard, and the entire person goes flying out because a tremendous force.
    His qi and blood roll over and over in his chest, his face twists from an even greater pain in his Qi Sea.
    “Wha… what happened?”
    Everyone is stunned by this development.
    What exactly happened just now?
    Nie Zheng is even more alarmed and confused. What was that white light just now? What was that energy?
    How could it be so dreadful? It made him feel like he didn’t have a thread nor a hair of resistance.
    He raises his head to look.
    The girl is still sleeping quietly on the bed, without the slightest change.
    The entire room is extremely quiet, without any anomalies.
    Nie Zheng frowns and gets up.
    Fixedly staring at Muyan on the bed, a sliver of ruthlessness suddenly flashes in the depths of his eyes, and he moves forward once again.
    He doesn’t believe that he couldn’t handle an unconscious girl.
    But without waiting for Nie Zheng to do anything, the door is pushed open.
    Standing outside the door is a man wearing a red robe. Everyone stares blankly.
    Then they all kneel down, “Seeing Wangye!”
    The one outside is actually Jin Wangye, already dressed up in his wedding clothes.
    And behind him, there’s Bai Yichen who had already rushed back from delivering a letter to the Imperial Palace.
    He sees the blood on the floor, and remembers Lou Beiyu who was dragged away just a moment ago.
    Bai Yichen’s hand tightens on the sword hilt.
    Lou Beiyu may not know it.
    But he knows what’s happening.
    The situation about Muyan remaining unconscious right now – she should be in the middle of an advancement or a breakthrough.
    As long as she can pass through this period of time, there would be no one in the Jin Wangfu who could stand up to Muyan.
    Jin Wangye is also aware of this point, and he’s anxious to get married right away.
    Right now, the only thing he can do is to ensure Muyan’s safety until she could finish her breakthrough.
    Nie Zheng is kneels on the ground, but he finds that Jin Wang’s sharp glare has fallen on him, making him tremble like he’s sitting on pins and needles.
    “Wangye, this subordinate…”
    Before he could say half a sentence, Jin Wang interrupts him.
    “Ben Wang made you bring people to change my Wangfei’s wedding clothes, not to let you put your hands on my Wangfei.”
    Nie Zheng is startled. He raises his head in shock, panic filling his eyes, “Wangye!”
    “Muyan is completely different from Ben Wang’s concubines from before. In the future, if you dare to have improper thoughts again, then you shouldn’t blame Ben Wang for being impolite!”
    Meeting Jin Wang’s eyes, there’s a bone-deep coldness in them. Nie Zheng quivers from head to foot, his face turning white from fear.
    For so many years, Wangye had never given him such a severe warning before. 
    It seems that this Jun Muyan is different to Wangye.
    Just a moment ago, he… he had actually been conspiring against Miss Jun, to take up a few small advantages.
    Thinking about it now, it’s only making his vision go dark, he’s practically frightened out of his mind.
    “Wangye, this subordinate’s mind was momentarily befuddled, I wouldn’t dare in the future, I wouldn’t dare anymore!”
    Jin Wang towers over Nie Zheng, watching the latter grovel.
    He knocks his forehead, and only then does he indifferently say: “Immediately change Wangfei into the wedding dress. If you miss the auspicious hour, all of you in this room don’t want to live. My Jin Wangfu cannot keep wastes.”
    After throwing those words, Jin Wangye leaves.
    This time, Nie Zheng doesn’t dare to be rash anymore, and he directly retreats.

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