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Chapter 405: Wangfei, rejoice
    “Appearing in Muyan’s chambers, is it because you have an affair with her? Haha, in that case, Ben Wang wouldn’t mind making Muyan into my woman right now.”
    Saying that, he moves like he’s turning around to go back inside.
    Bai Yichen grits his teeth, “Wangye must be joking. How could this subordinate possibly be acquainted with Wangfei? I’m merely worried that if I were to leave the Residence, there wouldn’t be anyone to guard Wangye from danger.”
    Jin Wang only shows a smile at this, “There’s no need for Yichen to worry about that. Just go quickly and return quickly. Ben Wang and Muyan… we’ll wait for you to come and disturb the privacy of the bridal room!*”
  • Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds
    Bai Yichen ultimately sends a glance to the room, then he turns to leave.
    At chen shi (7-9am), the door to Muyan’s room is pushed oped with a bang.
    Lou Beiyu has been guarding by Muyan’s bedside, groggy from sleep, and scared witless.
    As soon as he hears this sound, he immediately jumps up from the floor.
    He’s only greeted with the sight of servant girls, guards, even an old woman, and so on – all entering in a line.
    The maids are carrying trays on their hands, with all kinds of jewelries on them, as well as bright red clothes.
    Every one of them is dressed in extremely festive clothes.
    As soon as the old woman enters the door, she immediately shouts with a big smile: “Wangfei, rejoice, there is great joy!”
    Lou Beiyu vigilantly watches the incoming people, and he speaks with a stern voice: “Who allowed you all to enter? Get out! Don’t bother my Master’s rest!”
    The old woman who just spoke turns to look at the still-unconscious Muyan.
    Her smile becomes increasingly fawning, “Today is the Miss Jun and Wangye’s big wedding day. This is a matter of great honor, privilege, and joy – how could it be a bother? Third Prince, please step aside so we can put on the wedding clothes on Miss Jun. The lucky hour waits for no one, we absolutely mustn’t delay!”
    Saying that, the old woman turns her head to pick up bright red clothes, unfolding them. She cries out: “Look, look, this phoenix crown and red clouds shawl, they’re all weaved from the thread of the sky silkworm – it would be an understatement to say that they have a value of a city. Jin Wangye has never been so meticulous for a woman. Not only are they having an official wedding, he even specially tasked people run through the night and buy these wedding dress from the Ghost City…”
    “What kind of joke is this?!” Lou Beiyu angrily extends a hand to push the old woman away, “Stop dreaming, my Master will not get married to that abnormal pervert! Tell him to get lost!”
    “Hey, ouch!” the old woman cries out, then she tumbles to the floor. The wedding dress that she’s holding also falls to the floor. 
    Lou Beiyu lifts his foot up to step on it, but just as he raises his foot-
    He feel a formidable Internal Force assault his senses.
    He grunts, retreating several steps back. His qi and blood boils, and he’s about to throw up blood.
    A pair of black boots slowly step forward until it’s in front of that wedding dress. Bending down, bronze-colored hands pick it up.
    Lou Beiyu’s line of sight slowly move up, and he sees what seems to be common and unremarkable facial features.
    But feeling the pressure coming out from this man’s body, Lou Beiyu’s complexion turns pale.
    “This humble one is Nie Zheng. Today, I’ve specially come to respectfully meet Wangfei, have her dress up, then by si shi (9-11am), take her to Wangye for the marriage ceremony.”
    The man’s voice is very calm, and there aren’t any vicious currents on his face – one could say that it’s very harmless.
    But Lou Beiyu’s heart sinks down.
    Nie Zheng and Zhu Hai are the two most important confidants on Jin Wang’s side.
    Both of their cultivations have already reached the peak of Heaven Stage.
    One can’t tell how many human lives their hands have taken.
    With his own weak strength, how could he possibly protect his Master?
    “Didn’t we come to an agreement with Jin Wangye, that he would let my Master consider this for seven days?” Lou Beiyu stands up to the pressure from Nie Zheng, his neck stiff as he says, “Don’t tell me that the magnificent Jin Wangye of Huang Yao would contradict himself, and would go back on his word – isn’t he worried of being ridiculed?”

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