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Chapter 403: Don’t touch my Master
    A trace of displeasure and jealousy flashes through Leng Qingwan’s eyes.
    In her mind, she’s the only one in the world who can match the unsurpassed Di Jun.
    That person who possesses the Moon Spiritual Root, just who is she anyway?
    Even if she’s a descendant of the Shen Musicians, how could she be placed on a par with Leng Qingwan?
    With a faint smile, the Tian Yi Men’s Master speaks coldly, “What do you take Di Jun’s identity for? Is he someone that a commonplace woman could just casually match with? What’s more, if that person with the Moon Spiritual Root is really a surviving member of the Shen Musicians, have you all thought about your own chances of survival if she’s allowed to become the Mistress of the Polar Domain?”
    As she says this, a dramatic change comes over the expressions on several individuals from the Polar Domain.
    Elder Chang is finally unable to stand it, as he steps forward and speaks with a sarcastic smile: “Madam Leng, with merely the windless tolling of the ghost clock, isn’t it too hasty to determine who’s the descendant of the Shen Musicians?”
    “Moreover, what sort of Mistress is ultimately married into our Polar Domain, and whoever our Jun Shang is going to match with – when is it Tian Yi Men’s turn to make it their business?”
    In a split second, the atmosphere has become somewhat awkward.
    The face of the Tian Yi Men’s Master immediately sinks.
    Leng Qingwan’s expression twists even more.
    After quite a while, she could only tuck her hands inside her sleeves with a flourish, “In any case, my Tian Yi Men will never let off any remaining evil element of the Shen Musicians. I would rather be wrong and kill a thousand, as I would absolutely not let a single one slip by. As for your Polar Domain, suite yourselves! Send my regards to Di Jun.”
    Saying that, the image in the air flickers, and their projected forms all drift away.
    And at that very moment, that Nine Luminaries and the Moon is finally complete in the sky.
    The Vision slowly begins to vanish in the sky, and the brightness turns back into a dark night once more.
    The unpredictable expression of everyone from the Polar Domain, are also slowly concealed in the darkness.
    Huang Yao Country, Jin Wangfu.
    Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen are caught off guard by Jin Wangye’s sudden intrusion.
    In particular, seeing his greedy gaze falling on Muyan’s form, as her whole body glows with a silvery light – the two of them have their hearts sink a little.
    Jing Wangye advances with each step, his vision seems to be burning as it’s fixated on the girl’s pure and sublime face.
    As he reaches out his hand, wanting to touch Muyan’s face, Lou Beiyu resolutely slams against him.
    “Don’t touch my Master!”
    However, even though Lou Beiyu’s palms contained all of his Internal Force as he launches it over to Jin Wangye, he couldn’t even push the other away.
    On the contrary, his complexion abruptly turns white, and he’s completely knocked back for several steps.
    There’s a sharp pain in his chest, and blood threatens to seep out of the corners of his mouth.
    Bai Yichen’s pupils contract, and his gaze turns heavy as he stares at Jin Wangye.
    Muyan has previously told him to be careful of Jin Wangye’s concealed strength, as he’s far more powerful than what he shows on the surface.
    At that time, he didn’t think much about it. Right now, it seems that Jin Wangye is actually so much stronger that him.
    It’s as if Jin Wangye simply doesn’t know of the pair’s existence, as his eyes are obsessively fixated on Muyan.
    He doesn’t re-extend the hand that Lou Beiyu bumped against.
    Instead, he presses it at the edge of the bed, and he slowly leans down to try and lay a kiss on Muyan’s pink lips.
    “You’re not allowed to touch my Master! Cough, cough…!!” Lou Beiyu wants to rush over, but he stumbles, falling down to the floor.
    Bai Yichen presses his palm against the hilt of his sword, veins popping up at the back of his hand.
    As Jin Wang’s face is getting closer and closer to Muyan, white light suddenly bursts brightly.
    Jin Wangye produces a muffled grunt, and the entire person is knocked a few meters away, tumbling down to the floor.
    Lifting his head up, his handsome face is twisted because of the pain, and wisps of blood spill out of the corners of his mouth.
    Yet the light in his eyes burns hotter.
    As he stares at Muyan, his gaze is brimming with desire.

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