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Chapter 402: The Surviving Evil of the Shen Musicians
    Jun Shang’s destined woman is Miss Jun, so did she cause this Vision to appear?
    Originally, this should be a matter that deserves a celebration.
    The Moon Root that is compatible with Jun Shang’s blood has finally appeared.
    But the problem is Miss Jun’s identity, a Shen Musician… if this catches the others’ attention, if her identity as the Shen Musician is exposed, then the consequences are simply too horrible to contemplate.
    While everyone in the Polar Domain is excited-
    The space in front of them suddenly fluctuates with a burst of light and shadow.
    Immediately after, the projection of several women appear there, vivid and lifelike.
    There’s a woman who is fully-clad in white, her face covered with a white gauze. The entire person is tall and slender, her temperament ethereal and noble.
    Undoubtedly, it’s only her projected image, yet it gives an incomparable sense of oppression.
    Behind her is a young woman with exceptionally elegant and exquisite features.
    Indeed, she’s the one who had previously visited the Polar Domain – Leng Qingwan.
    Seeing that woman in white, the expression of everyone from the Polar Domain changes. Among them, there are relatively younger ones who promptly bow to give their salutations.
    “Greetings to the Sect Master of Tian Yi Men. For the Sect Master’s projected form to arrive, is something the matter?”
    The Master of Tian Yi Men still has a youthful and soft appearance, like a young lady.
    In reality, she has already lived for thousands of years.
    Right now, half of the people standing at the peak of Polar Domain are younger than her.
    The white-clothed woman’s gaze slowly sweeps through everyone on the scene, and it’s only after a long while does she open her mouth to speak: “Everyone, there is a matter that must be discussed with you all. During the emergence of the Nine Luminaries and the Moon earlier, the Spirit Clock on the sealed Shen Musician’s graveyard rang without wind, didn’t it? Does everyone know what this means?”
    Hearing the Sect Master’s words, there are several people from the Polar Domain who has their pupils suddenly contract. For a split second, they couldn’t mask the fear and alarm on their faces.
    Still, there are others who are at a loss, with confusion on their faces.
    Elder Chang secretly trades glances with the others, his face showing concern.
    They only listen to the white-clothed woman continue: “A thousand years ago, the last surviving evil of the Shen Musicians, Baili Yinlou was fighting back even at death’s door. And she has left behind the most malicious curse.”
    “The Shen Musicians’ seed of fire has already been sown in the Three Realms. There will come a day when that single spark would be able to start a prairie fire, burning the Three Realms until nothing remains. On that day, the people who have taken part in that past Battle, not one would be able to slip away. Their bodies will perish, and their souls will vanish – consigned to eternal damnation.”
    The woman’s voice is cool and serene, but it ruthlessly pounds against everyone’s ears.
    Several people of the Polar Domain have increasingly paler complexions. There is terror in their eyes, there is restlessness, until it all ultimately turns into fierceness.
    The Sect Master of Tian Yi Men sighs softly and says: “Back then, we annihilated the Shen Musicians. It was absolutely without even the slightest bit of selfishness, as it was all in order the rid the Three Realms of its evil. Today, for the peace and stability of the Three Realms, we will absolutely not allow the embers of the Shen Musicians to survive.”
    “That’s right!” someone immediately responds, “The Shen Musicians break the balance of the Three Realms, evil fiends that draw disaster, they simply shouldn’t exist in the world. We must destroy them for all the people living in the realm.”
    “A surviving member of the Shen Musicians is the descendant of demons, how can we allow it to live!”
    Leng Qingwan unhurriedly steps forward and says: “Everyone, have you thought about why the Ghost Clock of the Sealed Shen Musician graveyard would ring without wind, at the same time as the appearance of the Nine Luminaries and the Moon?”
    “A–! Could it be… could it be that the person who possesses the Moon Spiritual Root is… is a surviving member of the Shen Musicians?”
    “How is that possible?! The Moon Spiritual Root is the only one who could match our Jun Shang’s blood!”
    In a short while, the people of the Polar Domain descends into a commotion.

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