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Chapter 401: That woman and the Immortal Child, they are still alive
    Even though Jian Feng didn’t come near the fetus with the Immortal Soul, he obtained a sample of its mother’s blood.
    The power contained in that blood excited Jian Feng so much, he almost forgot himself and jumped up and down.
    That’s because the power within that blood isn’t just pure and powerful, it even transcends the limits of this world.
    If Gong Qianxue could take this kind of power, would she still have to worry about failing to ascend?
    They just didn’t expect that they would lose all traces of that pregnant woman and her unborn child, their life and death uncertain.
    Hearing Jian Feng’s words, Gong Qianxue’s beautiful face distorts for a split second.
    Not being able to obtain that Immortal fetus, it’s a sore spot in her life.
    At that time, she thought that the woman was only a weak girl who hasn’t even reached the Primary Stage of cultivation.
    And making that woman’s relatives dig up the child from her belly would be an easy matter.
    Who would have imagined that complications would arise, making her lose the best chance to advance – all for nothing.
    Gong Qianxue takes a deep breath, and she represses all the unwillingness and bitterness in her heart.
    “Senior brother, why would you mention this all of a sudden?”
    Jian Feng: “The power of this Nine Luminaries and the Moon – I feel like it’s exactly the same as the power from the blood sample that you brought back at that time. If I didn’t guess it wrong, perhaps the person who caused this Heavenly Vision has some relationship with that unborn Immortal and its mother!”
    “Ah–!!” Gong Qianxue gasps in a mouthful of cold air.
    Her eyes suddenly go round, “Brother, you… you mean to say that, that woman and the Immortal child, they are still alive?”
    “It’s highly probable!” Jian Feng’s eyes flicker with a fiery light, “Even if it isn’t the case, junior sister, as long as we find the source of that power, you would have a ninety percent chance to pass through the Lightning Tribulations, and fly up to the Xiuzhen Continent. When that moment comes, you and I can…”
    Jian Feng speaks with adoration, but Gong Qianxue doesn’t hear even a word of it.
    In her mind, she’s only thinking about about that Unborn Immortal still being alive.
    If she could find that Immortal child and it’s mother… no, she must find that Immortal child, and refine it into a puppet!
    Because that Immortal child should belong to her!
    For Gong Qianxue, it would serve as a stepping stone for her advancement!
    Compared to the Vision that the Yanwu Continent could see, the Xiuzhen Continent and the Xiuxian Continent don’t get to the point where night has become as bright as day.
    However, there are some people in these two realms that are more shocked about it, compared to those in the Yanwu Continent.
    That’s because the people of the Yanwu Continent doesn’t know what it signifies, but many from the two Continents know.
    Most especially the Xiuxian Continent, situated as the highest of the Three Realms.
    In the night sky above, the view of the Nine Luminaries and the Moon is faintly discernible.
    Bright moonlight spills over the earth, and it’s as if the entire world is completely covered by a layer of silver frost.
    This is the world where a magical energy permeates. But at this moment, it has been made even more obscure by a mysterious veil.
    It gives people an illusion that they’re in a wonderland.
    But on Xiuxuan Continent, almost everyone has deathly pale complexions.
    At the mountain peak of Polar Domain.
    Everyone is entranced as they look at the bright moon from the distant horizon.
    “The Nine Luminaries of the Moon, Rivalry Between the Moon and Stars – doesn’t this mean that the only one who can match Jun Shang, the one with the Moon Spiritual Root has emerged?”
    There’s someone who couldn’t help but excitedly yell out, “Elder Chang, hurry! Hurry and make a divination, see who has the Moon Spiritual Root, and where they’re located. We must find that person and bring them back!”
    The Elder Chang who has been called has a very calm expression, there’s not even the smallest bit of change in his complexion, “It’s just the appearance of a Heavenly Vision, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a Moon Spiritual Root has emerged. There’s no need to be so anxious, is there?”
    Elder Chang has a dismissive expression, but he exchanges meaningful glances at Di Ming Jue’s other trusted aides beside him. Nevertheless, there’s worry in his heart that he couldn’t conceal.

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