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Chapter 398: Niangqin is in danger
    Practically the first thing that Han Ye and Ying Mei could think of is this very same idea. Soon after, they’ve become very certain of it.
    “Ngh…” All of a sudden, Xiao Bao puts a hand over his chest, and lets out a muffled groan. His little face is scrunched up in both pain and alarm.
    “What’s wrong?” Di Ming Jue immediately looks down.
    Xiao Bao gasps in a mouthful of air, saying: “Niangqin… niangqin… I think niangqin is in danger, we should hurry!”
    In extreme worry, there’s a change in his voice. It has a faint tremble.
    Hearing that, Di Ming Jue, Han Ye, and Ying Mei all have their complexions transform.
    “This is bad. Spiritual Root reconstruction takes at least twelve hours. During this time, it can be said that Miss Jun wouldn’t have any power to defend herself!”
    Han Ye still hasn’t finished saying his words,
    He sees light and shadow flashing before his eyes, and the figures of Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao have already disappeared.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei glance at each other, and quickly try to catch up.
    As for Zhu Hai, who is neither man nor ghost – together with those black-clothed men – they have all of their bones broken, and are thrown into a disorganized burial mound.
    They believe that these people, who are more miserable and hideous than ghosts, would definitely be able to get along with the corpses of a mass grave.
    Although Shen Jinglin, Yan Haotian and the others are also worried about Muyan, they themselves know that it would only be a hindrance if they were to go.
    They can only stay in Tianyuan City and wait for news.
    Right now, Muyan finds herself in an extremely mysterious state.
    When the enormous force of the Tian Mo Qin had rushed into her body just a moment ago, she only felt pain that tore through her heart and broke open her lungs.
    That kind of pain was even worse than when the Tian Mo Qin was recognizing her as its Master.
    But as the energy slowly and completely converges in her Dantian, wisps and strands of it rush into her meridians.
    The pain in her entire body is still there.
    But her body has a kind of a clearer sense.
    Like a baby that has returned to her mother’s body.
    Within the warm and gentle amniotic fluid, her body is so small that it’s undetectable. It grows little by little.
    From bones, to flesh, to skin, to the meridians, to the Qi Sea… it grows bit by bit.
    Immediately after, Internal Force fills up her Qi Sea, making her body brim with power.
    However, the Tian Mo Qin’s power that rushed into her body is still too much.
    Her body is constantly changing.
    In her lower abdomen, a vortex slowly converges in her Qi Sea, dispersing one moment, and condensing in the next.
    Soon after, a mysterious place slowly forms.
    That is… the Dantian!
    When a person from Xiuzhen operates their Spiritual Energy, they would store it in their Dantian.
    But ordinary people that have reached the peak of Precelestial Stage would undergo through lightning tribulations, until they could finally reconstruct a Forged Body.
    Their Qi Sea would disappear, and turn into the Dantian. They would no longer be able to store Internal Force, and only be able to store Spiritual Energy.
    At Muyan’s lower abdomen however, a Dantian and a Qi Sea are formed.
    Her Internal Force is still filling up, reaching the high Precelestial Stage.
    And the Spiritual Power in the Space also begins to frantically rush into Muyan, gathering into her Dantian.
    At this moment, Muyan becomes the only Practitioner in the Yanwu Continent who cultivates two types of Mysterious Force.
    However, all of this is far from over!
    After her Dantian is formed, the Tian Mo Qin’s tremendous power begins to crazily wreak havoc in Muyan’s body.
    Her meridians expand little by little, until they are torn apart, then they heal bit by bit.
    This kind of pain simply cannot be placed into words.
    Those who go through it would just wish they could die right there and then.
    But Muyan thinks of Xiao Bao, she thinks of her brother Shen Jinglin, and she also thinks of Di Ming Jue.
    She thought that coming to Jin Wangfu this time wouldn’t be dangerous.
    Once she has taken Lou Beiyu, she could still probe about the real situation of the Heavenly Road Sect.
    In this kind of accident that arose from many causes, if she doesn’t come back, how broken-hearted would Xiao Bao and the others be?

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