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Chapter 397: Heavenly Vision
    After the skin – the eyes, nose, and mouth follows.
    In the short span of a tea time, Zhu Hai’s entire body is already riddled with holes, he doesn’t appear human.
    No, his appearance is even more terrible than ghosts or rotten corpses.
    In the beginning, he was still able to scream, until this eventually dwindles down, exhausted.
    But unfortunately, he doesn’t die, and he can only bear with this kind of suffering all throughout.
    “Kill me… I beg you to kill me… wuu… wuuu…”
    Soon, his tongue and throat is also corroded by the fire-red little bugs, and he could no longer make even the smallest of sounds.”
    Even if it’s come to this point, he still doesn’t die.
    “Jun Shang!” Han Ye kneels down, “Jun Shang, please quell your anger!”
    “Jun Shang, please quell your anger!” Ying Mei also follows to kneel down.
    Shen Jinglin and everyone from the Ink Camp doesn’t know what’s happening, but they only feel an instinctive fear.
    The earth seems to be shaking.
    In the air, they seem to hear the wailing sounds of creatures.
    Indeed, this is the origin will of the entire Yanwu Continent under turmoil, unable to withstand it.
    All of a sudden, Xiao Bao reaches out a hand, and softly waves at Di Ming Jue’s line of sight, “…let’s go look for niangqin! Let’s go now.”
    The murderous intent in Di Ming Jue’s eyes slowly recede, his gaze falling on Xiao Bao.
    It’s Xiao Bao’s voice that made him come to his senses, not letting him use excessive power to cause the continent’s collapse.
    And that sentence: go and look for Muyan!
    Anyone who covets his Muyan, he will inevitable let them die without a burial site.
    The energy within Di Ming Jue rushes into motion, and he’s just about to simply set off while carrying Xiao Bao.
    All of a sudden, at the distant eastern horizon,
    A five-colored radiance bursts out.
    Immediately after that, on the originally unremarkable sky, the cloud-covered moon suddenly becomes as dazzling as a scorching sun.
    But it’s not the red-hot radiance that could burn, but it’s a pure and holy white light, like flowing silver sand, bright and cool.
    Then on the sky, glittering stars slowly appear around the moon, one after another.
    These stars all have distinctive colors.
    The only thing that’s the same between them, is that they are tens of hundreds of times brighter than all the other stars in the sky.
   One, two, three… eight, nine. A total of nine stars appear on the sky above, and together with the sun-like radiance of the moon – the originally pitch-black earth becomes as bright as it is on daytime.
    Everyone raises their heads to look up at the sky, and they’re all stunned by this Heavenly Vision.
    “This… what is this?! How can the moon be so bright and so huge, and what are those nine stars? Why had this never appeared before?”
    The nine stars appear one after another, then they slowly move in arcs, until the moon is surrounded and protected between them.
    Seeing this scene, Di Ming Jue, Han Ye and Ying Mei – they open their eyes wide, simply unable to believe what they’re seeing.
    “J-J-Jun… Jun Shang? That… isn’t that the Rivalry Between the Moon and the Stars, the Nine Luminaries and the Moon?! How… how can this kind of Heavenly Vision possibly appear?”
    “Could it be that… that the legendary Spiritual Root that could match with Jun Shang is born?!”
    But how is this possible?! Isn’t it said, that because of that Spiritual Root’s special circumstances, it could no longer be born within heaven and earth?
    What’s more, it’s even in this Yanwu Continent that doesn’t have Spiritual Energy?!
    Di Ming Jue’s pupils slowly contract.
    Shen Jinling’s voice could be heard, “If I’m not mistaken, that… that should be the direction of Huang Yao’s Imperial City.”
    Huang Yao’s Imperial City, that’s also the direction of Jin Wangfu.
    Jun Muyan is there.
    In the end, who brought about this kind of Heavenly Vision?
    Is it… Miss Jun?

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