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Chapter 396: An honor that’s as big as the sky
    However, Zhu Hai doesn’t feel even a little bit of pleasant surprise about it. On the contrary, he’s so frightened that his face has an unnatural color, and he’s shaking all over like sieve.
    Xiao Bao’s ice-cold gaze sweeps around, until it finally lands on Zhu Hai. With a bone-piercing chill, “They took niangqin away!”
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, and he gestures with his hand.
    Zhu Hai falls from the sky until he’s in front of Di Ming Jue.
    As soon as his foot touches the ground, Zhu Hai turns around, wanting to run away.
    There’s a cold glint, Ying Mei has unsheathed her sword and she swings it over.
    Zhu Hai lets out a sad and shrill scream, and he tumbles down to the ground.
    One of his feet flies out, and falls into the underbrush at the side.
    Blood rushes out like a tide.
    Losing such a large amount of blood, it wouldn’t take too before he dies.
    But against reason, that cut is very peculiar. After it was chopped off, it slowly solidifies with ice.
    The flow of blood gradually stops as well.
    Leaving Zhu Hai only with a bone-deep pain.
    “You… you people cannot kill me… I am Jin Wangye’s subordinate, his confidant. If you kill me, Huang Yao Country and Jin Wangye will absolutely… absolutely never let you people get away with it!”
    “Jin Wangye?” Di Ming Jue slowly enunciates those words.
    Yan Haotian steps forward, and signs with his hands: “Back in Xia’an, it was Jing Wangye who sent betrothal gifts, wanting to marry Miss as a side concubine.”
    Shen Jinglin listens to Feng Haitang interpreting the hand signs, and he becomes agitated and indignant, “Which bullshit Wangye actually wants to make my little sister go and be a concubine, you people are dreaming of spring and autumn in your heads*!”
  • the process of going mentally ill
    As he’s saying that, he hatefully sends a punch towards Zhu Hai.
    Poor Zhu Hai, a peak Heaven Stage expert, is completely unable to resist against an early Earth Stage Shen Jinglin’s attack.
    He can’t even operate his Mysterious Energy to resist.
    A solid, firm strike hits him in the face. In a flash, his nose bone shatters, and he spits out two of his teeth.
    Di Ming Jue’s voice is still ice-cold, unfriendly and distant.
    It’s as if you can’t ever hear half of the man’s state of mind.
    “What does your Master want to do by taking Muyan?”
    Zhu Hai extremely hates this, but he’s also extremely scared. Hearing the question, he can only reply with a trembling voice: “Our… our Wangye sincerely adores Miss Jun. This time, she won’t be some side concubine, but she’ll be married as an official wife.”
    “After seven days, everyone in the world will know that the Jin Wangfei is Jun Muyan. Such a… such an honor that’s as big as the sky, I don’t think there’s any woman in the world who wouldn’t want to…”
    “Like hell there isn’t a woman who wouldn’t want to!!” Shen Jinglin bellows once again, and he ruthlessly stamps on Zhu Hai’s remaining good leg.
    There’s a cracking sound, and his leg bone breaks.
    Zhu Hai once again produces a pig-like screech.
    After screaming, he very fiercely glares at Shen Jinglin and Di Ming Jue.
    “I don’t know just who you people are, but you raised your hands against me, and there’s no way that you’ll have a good end. Do you know who Jin Wangye is? What power he has behind him?”
    Suddenly, Zhu Hai’s mad laughter turns into a heart-tearing, lung-splitting scream.
    At a speed visible to the naked eye, the flesh on his body splits with countless bloody holes.
    The insides have a fiery red color, and it’s as if some bug-like things are boring their way out.
    On Zhu Hai’s skin, where the fiery-red little bugs come out, the flesh begins to rapidly burn and rot, producing a wave of stench.

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  1. thank you for the update.

    I guess both Father and Son are going to collect Mother. I am sure Di Ming Jue is going to terminate this Wangye that wants to marry his wife. I just wonder if he will suffer before dying to immediate death.

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