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Chapter 394: A familiar embrace
    In that battle from earlier, he had already killed three black-clothed men at the early Heaven Stage.
    His Internal Force had mostly been consumed already.
    When he tried to kill Zhu Hai just a moment ago, he used up all the Mysterious Energy in his body.
    Right now, his small form doesn’t have even the smallest bit of strength, practically an arrow at the end of its flight.
    Zhu Hai quickly recovers from the panic, “Ha… haha… even if you were more terrible, more talented… in the end, you’re still just a child, only just by yourself… if I don’t kill you today, it would inevitably cause endless trouble.”
    “Come! Kill and wipe out all the people of this house for me, don’t leave a single mouth alive!”
    As soon as Zhu Hai’s voice falls, Shen Jinglin suddenly rushes forward to pick Xiao Bao up. He places the other into Feng Haitang’s arms: “Go! Hurry and leave this place with Xiao Bao, go and find Di Ming Jue!”
    “I won’t go!” Xiao Bao loudly cries out, struggling desperately, “Uncle, I’m the one they want to kill, there’s no way I can leave!”
    Niangqin said that a man should deal with his own matters!
    How can Xiao Bao let other people get harmed, or even die, for him?!
    “Haitang! I’m ordering you as Yanyan’s older brother, immediately take Xiao Bao and leave! If you don’t do as I say, once Muyan returns, I’ll immediately ask her to drive you out of the Medical Center!!”
    Feng Haitang tightly holds Xiao Bao, the rims of her eyes are a little red.
    She opens her mouth, wanting to say something. However, she sees the resolute emotion in Yan Haotian’s eyes.
    Those eyes are clearly saying: the Little Master is the most important, you must protect him well!
    Even the people of the Ink Camp start standing up one by one.
    “Little Master, our Ink Camp exists in order to protect you. Normally, we’re ‘all take and no give’, and we’ve never had the smallest bit of inclination to sacrifice ourselves for others. This time, we finally want to do something noble in return. How can you not help us accomplish this aim?”
    “Cough, cough… Little Master, if there’s a next life, you should also remember to receive us to be your subordinates!”
    “When you see Miss, tell her for us: we were useless, we weren’t able to protect the Little Master properly. On the contrary, we still had the Little Master protect us. But we gave it our all.”
    “Even if we stake everyone’s lives, we absolutely won’t let the Little Master meet with misfortune!”
    They are on the verge of collapse, but each and every one them stand up, and guard in front of Xiao Bao and Feng Haitang.
    Feng Haitang could no longer hold back her tears, as they rush out of the corners of her eyes.
    Xiao Bao struggles, intending to jump down. But Feng Haitang holds him tight, not letting him go.
    Zhu Hai sneers: “Want to obstruct us with nothing but trash like you people, hehe, keep dreaming! Go!”
    The men in black didn’t say anything further, as they rush over like lightning.
    Five of them charge straight towards Feng Haitang.
    Feng Haitang doesn’t think anymore either, and she just turns around to dash towards the gate.
    The members of the Ink Camp have already thrown themselves on the way, tenaciously using their own bodies to obstruct those who are trying to attack Xiao Bao.
    Pfff–! Blood splatters everywhere!
    Even Feng Haitang’s back has also been hit by a palm strike.
    Xiao Bao’s eyes are completely red, an insane murderous intent shows up his little face.
    Zhu Has has already swept over everyone’s head, his hand reaching out to grab Xiao Bao.
    By his neck, Xiao Bao is plucked out of Feng Haitang’s hold.
    Feng Haitang screams, and she recklessly throws herself towards them, but Zhu Hai kicks her away.
    Zhu Hai clasps Xiao Bao’s neck, and he slowly draws back the corners of his mouth, revealing a row of white teeth.
    All of sudden, the triumph and excitement in his eyes turn into a dumbfounded look.
    Then he watches as his body rises up, like he’s being carried up by an invisible force, suspending him in the air.
    And Xiao Bao, he falls into a familiar embrace.

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