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Chapter 391: Let’s go and pick your mother up to come home
    As soon as they’ve properly dressed up, the two people walk out.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei see that Di Ming Jue is carrying Xiao Bao again, but they’re no longer shocked about it.
    Hehe, ever since Jun Shang met Miss Jun, what else hasn’t he done that was previously thought impossible for him?
    Why would they make a fuss about nothing?
    “Greetings to Jun Shang, greetings to the Little Gongzi!”
    Xiao Bao wriggles down, out of Di MIng Jue’s hold, and makes his way to Muyan’s room.
    “Niangqin, niangqin…” his little hand has yet to open the door, but his cries are already spilling out.
    He hasn’t seen his mother for seven days, and they weren’t able to properly spend some time together today too.
    He misses his niangqin very much!
    “Little gongzi, wait a minute!” Han Ye can only call out to stop him, then he speaks with embarrassment, “Miss Jun… had gone out earlier today, and still hasn’t returned until now.”
    Also, they only discovered this after Muyan had been gone for quite a while.
    Two powerhouses from the Xiuxian Continent were ordered to guard a mortal of the Yanwu Continent.
    But the outcome… they don’t even know exactly when their ward had left.
    Han Ye feels like he doesn’t have the face to meet Jun Shang.
    Ying Mei has directly sank down to her knees on the the ground, “This subordinate is incompetent. Jun Shang, please punish.”
    Contrary to expectations, Di Ming Jue doesn’t get angry, as he merely waves his hand dismissively. His voice is indifferent: “Spend another day in the Purgatory Pool.”
    Just one day!
    Han Ye and Ying Mei simultaneously sigh in relief.
    In reality, they’re not really worried about Miss Jun.
    Indeed, just who is Miss Jun? A high-order Precelestial. While they’re in the Yanwu Continent, even they wouldn’t be able to easily deal with that strength level.
    Who can hurt her?
    Xiao Bao immediately shows a dejected expression.
    He thought that as soon as he’s out of the bath, he would be able to plunge into his mother’s arms!
    All of a sudden, his little form rises into the air.
    Di Ming Jue has carried him up again.
    Two small hands unconsciously hold on to Di Ming Jue’s neck.
    When he’s able to react, Di Ming Jue has already taken him out of the rear court and into the front yard.
    The crisp and childish little voice couldn’t help but ask: “What are we gonna do?”
    Di Ming Jue sends him a glance, “Does this still need to be asked? We’re naturally going to pick your mother up to come home.”
    Picking mother up to come home… Xiao Bao dazedly mulls over these words in his mind.
    A faint and restrained smile reveals itself on his red little face.
    Like this, it’s as if the three of them has really become a family!
    Back in the Fog Forest, Di Ming Jue had previously made a oath to Muyan with a kiss.
    But because it’s in the Yanwu, without the bonds of Spiritual Force, this oath can only have a very limited effect.
    It’s range of perception is practically negligible as well.
    But if it’s merely within the same city, with the coverage of his Divine Sense, it’s still very easy to trace the undulations of Muyan’s breath along the places that she has gone to.
    The two men originally believed that they should be able to locate Muyan quickly, then the three of them would happily go home.
    But as the traces of their search lead them into a remote alley, and as those traces ultimately disappear-
    Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao, their faces simultaneously become very unsightly.
    Muyan is missing, and from this alley onward, all traces have been thoroughly cleaned up.
    Even for someone as powerful as Di Ming Jue,
    When he couldn’t completely release his Divine Sense, it would still be a difficult hurdle for him, like finding a needle in a haystack by himself.
    “Niangqin wouldn’t have a problem!” Xiao Bao tightly clenches his hands into fists.
    His little face is serious, and his voice is incredibly serene as well. But his body is slightly shaking, betraying his confusion and fear.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes are incomparably harsh, bone-piercingly gloomy and chilling.

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