EMHS – ch389

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Chapter 389: Countless Cracks
    Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu help Muyan back into the room that Jin Wangye prepared for her.
    Their original escape plan can only be postponed for now.
    The two men check her several times, and after Muyan repeatedly ensured that nothing’s wrong with her, do they leave the room and guard the door.
    As soon as Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu are out, Muyan doesn’t wait another second to enter the Space.
    What she sees inside, is that the originally battered Tian Mo Qin has floated up into the air, and the zither’s body has once again turned red.
    Similar to blood jade, but a great number of times more resplendent and magnificent.
    Seven-colored light fills up the entire Space, making the buildings and grassland inside look like splendid caricatures as they shake a little.
    The fat rabbit is also woken up from it’s sound slumber.
    It’s pair of mung bean eyes unblinkingly stare at the Tian Mo Qin in the air, the plump body faintly shivers from instinctive fear, but its eyes are brimming with reverence.
    Is this the most valuable treasure in the Three Realms, the one and only Tian Mo Qin?
    Is this the Tian Mo Qin’s real pressure?
    It’s really too powerful, too dreadful!
    It turns to look at Muyan, mung bean eyes twinkling with brilliance.
    At first, it still thought that a mere mortal from the Yanwu Continent isn’t worthy to become its Master, not worthy of ordering it about.
    But now, it has to revoke this thought.
    Being able to handle such a frightening Tian Mo Qin, being able to make it willing to capitulate.
    This Jun Muyan really proves herself as the Little Master’s mother… no, it should be said that her own talent is totally not inferior to the Little Master’s!
    With great difficulty, Muyan resists the pain and sits cross-legged down.
    The severe pain spreads through the four limbs, through her hundreds of bones. Her skeleton seems like it’s going to melt.
    But maybe because she’s already experienced it once,
    And maybe because the process of repairing it isn’t the same as making it recognize an owner,
    So Muyan feels that this time, she can still consider it to be tolerable.
    With the operation of her Internal Force, most of the radiance emitted by the Tian Mo Qin falls into Muyan.
    Five-colored light moves within her meridians, making the whole person appear like a descended goddess with the sacred light.
    The rabbit stupidly stares at Muyan for a moment, before it also hurriedly begins to absorb the light from the Tian Mo Qin.
    Using the formidable occult force of the Tian Mo Qin to forge one’s body – indeed, such an opportunity may not exist in ten million years.
    As she absorbs more and more of the Tian Mo Qin’s light, Muyan feels that the pain within her body slowly lessens.
    Some time has passed.
    She doesn’t know how long it’s been.
    ‘Twang’ the Tian Mo Qin falls from the air, it’s radiance fades away, and it changes back to its initial unremarkable appearance.
    No, it’s still quite different from what it was.
    At first, the Tian Mo Qin looked like an old block of wood. It was dark, like it’s going to rot away and break down at any moment.
    But right now, the Tian Mo Qin’s main body is as smooth as a mirror, and there’s a faint dark silver pattern at the top.
    It makes this zither’s appearance look simple and unadorned, but also luxurious.
    One look and you’ll see that it’s worth a lot.
    Muyan opens her eyes to see the Tian Mo Qin that has fallen right in front of her, and she knows that it has already finished the repairs.
    The fresh and clean air within the Space has now become incredibly fragrant.
    And her body is filled with tremendous energy, making her somewhat overwhelmed with the load.
    Muyan shakes her head, then she reaches for the Tian Mo Qin.
    The strings move, the zither lets out a light note.
    More pleasant-sounding than before – sharper, clearer, and more far-reaching.
    But in the next moment, there’s a sudden and precipitous change.
    The place where Muyan is touching is right in the middle of the circle, and from there, the Tian Mo Qin suddenly splits into countless cracks like a spider web.
    The small cracks grow larger and larger, then a silver light surges up violently, like it could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. It abruptly rushes into Muyan’s body.

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