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Chapter 387: Starting to Fix the Tian Mo Qin
    As for that, Lou Beiyu is an Earth Stage practitioner!
    His innate talent is naturally pretty good.
    But it’s just a pity that his hobbies and interests are completely not about practicing martial skills. It’s to the point that these days, his cultivation isn’t advancing but it’s falling back instead.
    “Master, don’t!” at the hour of his death, Lou Beiyu lets out a mournful howl of grief, “Yan Haotian, that guy’s method of training is totally not for humans ah, the Ink Camp’s final tests aren’t something that people can pass. If I, your dear disciple, go there, then I’ll never be able to come back… Master, spare me! This disciple will surely cultivate properly in the future…”
    The whole time Lou Beiyu chases after Muyan, he’s crying and pleading. Unfortunately, Muyan is completely paying him no heed.
    It goes on until they climbed up to the surface, and he becomes afraid of attracting Jin Wangye’s attention, so he shuts his mouth.
    But through it all, he’s sobbing and sniffling, sending tearful and aggrieved glances towards Muyan from time to time.
    The three people noiselessly arrive at the side door of the rear courtyard.
    Muyan turns to Bai Yichen, “Since you’re going to stay by Jin Wangye’s side all by yourself, you should be careful. He’s more powerful than you think, you mustn’t be reckless. I gave you a life-saving draught – remember to always carry it with you.”
    “You must bear in mind, that you can only avenge your fiancee one day if you can keep your life!”
    Bai Yichen slowly nods, “You two, hurry and get away.”
    Just as Muyan is about to turn around-
    The knocking sound of bamboo and hardwood suddenly reaches her ears, ‘dang, dang, dang’.
    Indeed, this is the sound of night watchmen when they indicate an hour as they walk along the streets.
    It is already midnight, zi shi (11pm-1am).
    Muyan carefully places her hand on the door bolt, and just as she’s about to use Mysterious Energy to break it-
    A violent shock suddenly comes through from her heart and Qi Sea.
    Muyan furrows her brows, and in a flash, beads of sweat emerge on her forehead. The hand that’s originally touching the gate, it limply falls down as well.
    She hears the violent thumping of her heart, as well as the barely audible sound of a zither.
    An indescribable burning pain spreads through her limbs and bones.
    This kind of pain penetrates the skin and sinks into the bones, but it is also somewhat familiar.
    “Muyan, what’s wrong?”
    “Master, why did your complexion turn bad like this? Don’t scare me, okay?”
    Little by little, Muyan lifts her head with some difficulty, and she turns to look at the east side of Jin Wangfu.
    Standing there is a pagoda. Right now, at its top, there seems to be a silvery white radiance that scintillates brighter and dimmer like it’s breathing.
    And Muyan can clearly feel that in her body, the Tian Mo Qin is responding.
    It is playing on its own, and the rhythm of its song is in harmony with that scintillating light.
    That’s right!
    She remembers.
    She remembers why this kind of pain feels familiar.
    This kind of pain that seems like it wants to tear her whole body apart and burn it to nothingness, isn’t this exactly the same as when she made the Tian Mo Qin recognize her as its Lord?
    The words that Baili Yinlou had said echo in Muyan’s mind.
    “There’s one thing that you have to bear in mind, the Shen Musician’s most powerful skills can only be brought out through the Tian Mo Qin. So, to become a real Shen Musician, you have to fix the Tian Mo Qin.”
    So this is the Tian Mo Qin getting fixed.
    Don’t tell her that in this Jin Wangfu, there’s something like a freak combination of factors that can just repair the Tian Mo Qin?
    As she’s thinking about it,
    The white light suddenly comes up from the roof of the pagoda, and like a meteor, it shoots straight towards Muyan.
    Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu both jump up in alarm.
    They instinctively rush over, wanting to help her block it.
    However, the light is really too fast.
    Even though Bai Yichen is at high Heaven Stage, he can only feel a gust of wind brush by the side of his face.
    All of a sudden, the white light has already come before Muyan.
    Without waiting for the three people to react, in a split second, it’s hovering in front of her.
    “This… what is this?!”

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