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Chapter 386: Who are you calling a bastard?
    Muyan’s lips lightly tick up, her smile carefree, “Why does it have to be so troublesome?”
    Saying that, under Bai Yichen’s bewildered look, she takes out a porcelain bottle.
    The cover on the dungeon’s entrance is lifted open, and Muyan places the porcelain bottle on her palm, slowly rousing her Mysterious Energy with it.
    Soon, they see a wisp of white smoke spiraling up and out from inside the bottle, snaking it’s way into the dungeon.
    About a tea time later.
    Muyan discards the bottle, and claps her hands, “Alright, let’s go in!”
    “Wait, you could get…”
    Before Bai Yichen could say the word “spotted”, he sees a scene that renders him dumbstruck.
    All the guards in the dungeon, each and every one of them has actually fallen down to the floor, sleeping like dead pigs.
    These guards, each of them is at the peak of Earth Stage or higher.
    The two heads even have higher cultivations compared to Bai Yichen.
    Such a group of death-ready warriors, put them outside and they can make people go pale at the mere mention of them – yet in spite of that, they can’t even endure a tea time under Muyan’s draught.
    With a gasp of surprise, Bai Yichen realizes why Jin Wangye insists on marrying her as Wangfei – even when he knows perfectly well that Muyan is unwilling, fully aware that she has a child.
    The entire dungeon has been completely cleared out by a bottle of draught from her.
    The pair quickly finds the imprisoned Lou Beiyu.
    They see the young man on the bed, sound asleep as he’s lying on his back, even letting out tiny snores, and there’s a suspicious liquid flowing out of the corners of his mouth.
    A smile slowly blossoms on Muyan’s face.
    Bai Yichen sees that bright smile on the girl’s face, but he feels a chill on his body. He can’t help but step back.
    The next moment, he hears a ‘bang’.
    Lou Beiyu, who’s sleeping without a care in the world, is unceremoniously kicked out from the bed, falling down to bite the mud like a dog.
    “Who, who is it? Which bastard dares to mount a sneak attack against this Prince!”
    Lou Beiyu jumps up from the ground, blustering and yelling as he assumes an aggressive pose.
    There’s a slap on the back of his head.
    A sweet-sounding female voice reaches his ears, “Who are you calling a bastard?”
    Hearing this voice, Lou Beiyu first goes rigid from head to foot.
    Then he suddenly turns around.
    Seeing the young woman’s absolutely beautiful features that are almost within reach, the rims of Lou Beiyu’s eyes immediately turn red.
    “Ma… Master? Is it really you? I… I’m not dreaming?”
    Muyan watches him with a smile that isn’t a smile, “I see that you have just been dreaming happily!”
    “Wuuu, wuuu… Master, Master, you’ve finally come to save me! Your apprentice has been so scared! That Jin Wangye is a pervert, Master must never ever marry that deviant… I don’t want that kind of Master-in-law!”
    Lou Beiyu pounces over to hug Muyan’s calf, crying his liver and intestines out.
    Muyan’s lifts up her foot and disdainfully shakes him off, “Alright, stop bawling.”
    “I’m warning you, this is the last time I’m coming to your rescue. Next time, if you’re so useless as to get captured by other people…”
    Lou Beiyu’s eyes are gleaming with tears, “Master, you’ll still save me, right?”
    Muyan coldly sends him a sidelong glance, her smile is gloomy, “Why don’t you guess?”
    Lou Beiyu shudders and trembles, then he continues to cry out loud without tears, “But aren’t I an innocent collateral damage? That Jin Wangye kidnapped me because he’s pining for Master!”
    “*Cough, cough*, anyway, Master, you’re not really going to get threatened by that Jin Wangye to marry him, are you? Don’t! This apprentice – I can break my head, I can spill my blood, but I absolutely cannot hold a funeral procession and burial for Master’s lifelong happiness!”
    Muyan pats his head and brings its closer, and she speaks with a grim smile: “After we get back, immediately look for Yan Haotian and report to him. Get hammered out and forged through the Ink Camp’s final tests, or I’ll kick you out of this apprenticeship.”

4 thoughts on “EMHS – ch386

  1. thank you for the update.

    About time this weakling prince toughen up in order to save himself. He is not going to be so lucky to have his master saving him all the time. She is not his personal bodyguard.


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