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Chapter 385: Who else, if not that idiot
    “From the Fog Forest, after leaving Sitong’s grave, I have been looking for a chance to kill Gong Qianxue, but… there wasn’t any.”
    The corners of Bai Yichen’s mouth curves up into a self-deprecating smile, “Investigating the person that is Gong Qianxue, I have come to know how deep her powers are, as well as how sinister and horrible her means are. Even Jing Cheng Country’s Ghost City is almost within her hands now.”
    “With my own strength, even with the help of the entire Zi Yang Zong, it’s still completely inadequate for contending against her. What’s more, how can I be willing to put my sect to risk.”
    Muyan’s heart thumped, and she abruptly lowers her voice: “You discovered a connection between Jin Wangye and Gong Qianxue?”
    “That’s right!” a chilling gleam flashes through Bai Yichen’s eyes, “On the outside, Jin Wangye seems to be nothing more than a frivolous prince – but in reality, he is a disciple of the Heavenly Road Sect. Moreover, his status within the sect is not lower than Gong Qianxue.”
    “I have also discovered some of the things that Gong Qianxue had done which carry the shadow of Jin Wangye’s hand.”
    Because he knows that relying on hatred and righteousness alone, simply couldn’t do anything to Gong Qianxue-
    Bai Yichen can only think of getting closer to the core of Gong Qianxue’s power, through Jin Wangye, and ultimately give her a fatal blow.
    That day, when Muyan fought against that middle-aged man who is under Jin Wangye’s control,
    She detected that the way his Mysterious Energy operates is inextricably linked to the Heavenly Road Sect.
    That’s why she followed them back so quickly and readily.
    Muyan stares deeply at the man in front of her.
    The Dustless gongzi, Bai Yichen is beautiful man who is famous in the Yanwu Continent – warm as jade, full of elegance.
    When she first saw him, even though Bai Yichen was indifferent and quiet, a warm atmosphere still pervades through his whole body.
    But now, there’s only deep hatred and coldness that remain within his eyes.
    It’s as if he no longer has a trace of human emotion.
    However, remembering Lin Sitong who died tragically under Gong Qianxue’s hands, Bai Yichen’s love-
    Muyan can only let out a deep sigh, her mood undeniably becoming somewhat heavy.
    She understands Bai Yichen’s feelings of wanting to avenge his fiancée.
    But she is also worries for this man.
    Because the enemy is too strong, Bai Yichen is already burning both jade and common stone to avenge Lin Sitong’s death.
    But when words of comfort finally reached the edge of her mouth, Muyan ultimately swallows them back.
    “Since that perverted Wangye is your goal, I will try to spare his life.”
    Muyan says this carelessly, as if deciding the fate of a man who is above ten thousand people is a small matter for her, like chopping melons and cutting vegetables.
    “However, that stupid apprentice of mine, do you know where he is right now?”
    A profound gratitude flashes through Bai Yichen’s gaze but he doesn’t say anything.
    “Chi Yan Country’s Third Prince Lou Beiyu?”
    Muyan speaks with a sigh: “Who else, if not that idiot?”
    A smiling expression flits across Bai Yichen’s eyes, “If he’s the one you’re looking for, I believe I can take you to go and see him now.”
    The place where Lou Beiyu is imprisoned is an unusually hidden dungeon within Jin Wangfu.
    The entrance to this dungeon is under a water well.
    If Bai Yichen weren’t there to guide, Muyan would’ve had a really hard time retrieving her stupid apprentice.
    The pair noiselessly fall into the well.
    Bai Yichen lowers his voice to say: “The guards in the dungeons are the best soldiers of Jin Wangfu. Jin Wangye appears like he trusts me, but my every movement is also monitored by these people.”
    “In a moment, I will go down first, and think of a method to draw most of the guards away. You should then seize this opportunity to save him.”

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