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Chapter 383: Threats
    The silver needle is too close to his neck, practically less than an inch.
    The cold air on its tip seems to corrode his skin a little.
    Jing Wangye’s face bursts into green and white.
    In his eyes, Jun Muyan is a woman that he’s taken a fancy to.
    He can spoil her, he can dote on her, but he can also knead her as he pleases.
    However, he is being threatened by this woman before him – and it’s under such a public setting, with no room to advance or to retreat.
     Jin Wangye takes a deep breath, and forces himself to press down the surging anger. He slowly retreats by a step.
    A refined smile slowly drapes over the originally distorted face, “Muyan, what are you doing? Ben Wang wants to marry you as my wife, I sincerely adore you. There’s no need for you to be so heartless, is there?”
    He pauses, then his mouth curls up into a cruel smile.
    “What’s more, even if Muyan is without regard for Ben Wang’s feelings, it’s unlikely to go so far that you’ll also be heartless towards Chi Yan’s little prince, your apprentice?”
   Muyan narrows her beautiful peach blossom eyes, and there’s a nebulous chill within them, “Jin Wangye wants to use my apprentice to threaten me?”
    “What if I am?” Jin Wangye stares deeply at Muyan’s absolutely beautiful face, while his expression is filled with aggression and greed, “Never before has Ben Wang failed to obtain a woman that I want. Still…”
    He smiles a little, and it’s unknown when a folding fan has appeared within his hands. Unfolding it with a swish, he lightly waves the fan.
    “Still, a forced melon isn’t sweet. Ben Wang will not compel Muyan to be affectionate with me, but Ben Wang would like Muyan to stay here for seven days, Muyan isn’t going to refuse this as well, right?”
    “After seven days, Ben Wang promises that if Muyan is still unwilling, I will certainly send you and Chi Yan’s Little Prince, safe and sound, back to Tianyuan City.”
    Inwardly, Muyan laughs grimly.
    Is this guy cheating a ghost*? As if he’ll really let them go back after seven days.
  • no one would believe it, only a ghost would (something that doesn’t exist)
    Still, she can’t disregard the life of her stupid apprentice.
    In any case, she still has to go inside Jin Wangfu.
    Muyan is just about to say something, when she suddenly sees a familiar figure come out from the manor, and make his way to stand beside Jin Wangye.
    The man speaks with a cool, gentle voice, “Wangye, I have already arranged the matter as you’ve instructed.”
    As Muyan sees the arriving man, her pupils slightly contract.
    It’s actually… Bai Yichen.
    How could he possibly be here?
    Just at this moment, Bai Yichen inconspicuously looks over.
    Two pairs of eyes meet, and great waves lurch and roll.
    Muyan’s heart sinks a little, but she quickly recovers her gaze before Jin Wangye could notice the peculiarity between them. She drawls: “This being the case, I’ll accept Jin Wangye’s hospitality.”
    After a servant girl has escorted Muyan inside to rest, Jin Wangye could no longer contain his anger.
    ‘Crash’ – a sharp sound of shattering.
    The cup on the table is ruthlessly smashed down to the ground.
    A cold, gloomy voice comes out from his thin lips, “Good, what a good Jun Muyan!”
    “Just wait, Ben Wang will definitely make you crawl under my feet, and have you beg for me to dote on you!”
    “Please quell your anger, Wangye.” the middle-aged man who brought Muyan steps forward, respectfully saying, “I think that Miss Jun being so ill-disposed towards you, may not really be because she doesn’t love you, but because she feels that she’s not worthy of you?”
    Jing Wangye coldly looks over, not saying anything.
    Whether she loves him or not, he has eyes, so how can he not see it?
    Nevertheless, the middle-aged man reveals a meaningful smile, “Wangye had people look up information on Miss Jun, and you must know that Miss Jun had previously gotten pregnant out of wedlock, and now has a four-year-old son.”
    “Wangye should consider, such a woman who has already lost her innocence, and is bringing around a bottle of oil* – wouldn’t obtaining Wangye’s favor and affection make her shed tears of gratitude, and bring about amorous feelings?”
  • child of a previous marriage

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